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Moving day can be one of the most hectic days of a homeowner’s life. Usually, the second most cumbersome item to be moved is mattress moving, then the heavy bed has to be dismantled, wrapped, placed carefully in a large moving truck, and secured. But moving a mattress to a new house does not have to be time-consuming and stressful. In fact, here, we share with you how to move a mattress easily and stress-free. The following are tips to help make the process smooth and stress-free:

Move the Mattress – Before starting the job, always remember to check the weight of the mattress that will be taken to the new house. Determine the maximum weight your bed can carry in terms of its dimensions. This information will be needed to determine how many movers can be assigned to the task. Moreover, you have to specify how many trucks or dollies will be needed to move the mattress. Ask for quotes from at least three Ideal Moving & Storage companies before proceeding.

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Decide how to move a mattress – If you plan to move your entire mattress, you have to first decide how to proceed with this. There are basically two options available. The first is to move the entire mattress using a moving dolly or truck. The second option is to use ratchet straps in which the mattress can be strapped down and lifted into place. Both ways, the mattress will be protected from accidental rollovers or other accidents. Mattresses can also be wrapped and stacked for safekeeping.

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Store Mattresses – You should also ask movers about how to protect your mattress during storage. Bear in mind that mattresses are sensitive to extreme Wilmerratures and chemicals. Movers who offer to store your mattress using plastic mattress cover bags will be able to provide the best protection.

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Move a Mattress on Your Own – You can move a mattress on your own by following some simple steps. The first is to remove the protective plastic wrapping over it. Then you can lift the mattress out of the package using a dolly or truck. After removing it, you can slide it onto the ground using ratchet straps. This will protect it from contact with sharp objects that can damage it.

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Hire Help – When it comes to move a mattress, you cannot do it alone. In case you decide to move your mattress by yourself, you will have to invest in moving equipments like dollies and trucks. These equipments are available at local stores. For a more affordable cost, you can rent a truck from movers. There are many reputable movers who offer their services for free. If you are not able to move your mattress by yourself, then hiring help would be an excellent idea.

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Know the rules – Moving a mattress by yourself is not recommended. If you are not sure of the directions for lifting, setting up and transporting mattresses, you should hire professionals. While you can drive the mattress into the new location, movers will be safer and more convenient. The truck will carry the mattress, so you do not have to worry about the process of unloading it at the new place.

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Use a Mattress Moving Equipment – You can also use the help of a mattress moving equipment like mattress dollies and truck mount cover. A dolly is a special bed frame with a handle. The dolly is attached to the truck using ratchet straps. You can slide it across the floor of your old home. Before you start moving the mattress, make sure you remove all the rugs and other things that may get in the way of the tape gun.