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Moving and storage facilities are very useful for long distance moving. These moving companies have all the required equipment and they are experts in their respective field. They use these moving equipment to transport your belongings from one place to another. Moreover, they also offer packing and storage services for those people who need temporary storage facilities while moving their belongings long distance. This means that they will be saving a lot of money as compared to the long distance moving company.

In case you are moving from one city to another then hiring a moving company makes sense. You can move your belongings by using large moving equipments like flatbed trucks, dollies, rollers, etc. These moving equipments are rented by the moving company. The moving company has adequate knowledge about the storage facilities that are available near different cities.

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However, it becomes difficult to locate proper moving storage without proper information. There is no specific guideline for long distance moving and storage. However, there are certain guidelines which can prove to be helpful. Long distance moving and storage usually involves packing and moving of goods. So, proper storage needs to be arranged prior to moving so that the goods stay intact and are safe.

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Storage should be arranged before the moving day. It becomes even more important to store the items properly as damages can occur even during the movement. Prior packing of the belongings saves your precious time as well as money. If you have stored the items properly then you do not have to bother about the damages. On the other hand, if you store your belongings carelessly then even small damages can result in loss.

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It is necessary to store the moving goods in an area that is away from other places. This can help in avoiding collision between the moving vehicle and the moving boxes. You can arrange the storage at a place that has good ventilation and light. You should ask your moving company for the details regarding the area of storage.

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You should inform the moving company about the type of goods that you will be moving. The movers will arrange the storage before the movers begin their job. When the moving company is arranging the storage, they will also advise you about the loading process. They will load the belongings properly so that there are no chances of damage or loss.

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You should store your belongings in a safe place where they can remain undisturbed. Proper locking system should be used when you are storing your belongings. If you are moving home then you can store the luggage at your house. Storing the items at home saves on the moving expenses and it also makes your belongings safer. If you are moving out then you should store the luggage somewhere else. You can hire a storage service provider to pack your moving boxes.

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There are several things that need to be kept in mind while storing the items. You should check with the moving company if you will be charged for storing the belongings. You should also make a list of the things that should be moved and kept. It is advisable to store the small and medium-priced items at a secure location such as your garage or a flat that does not have a lock on the doors. If you have large items then you should store them at a distance from the roads so that there are no chances of losing them.