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Pool tables are expensive pieces of home and office furniture. Having one transported and disassembled could be risky for the owner. There are different ways to transport a pool table to its destination. However, the safest method to transport it is by hiring professional movers. There are several guidelines below that will guide you when hiring a professional moving company to relocate your pool table.

Before deciding on the pool table’s services you would like to use, make sure you research and evaluate the companies. Professionals in the moving industry have years of experience with pool tables. Hiring licensed movers to move your pool tables is highly recommended. Pool tables, especially those made of steel, are extremely heavy.

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It is common for pool tables to be transported on flatbed trucks or in enclosed trailers. If you have an extremely tall ladder or ramp for transporting your pool table, then that would be the most convenient method. However, most professionals recommend using disassembled moving pods that consist of a metal frame with a locking device. The lock protects the pool table from getting damaged during transportation. They can also be disassembled and packed in a three-piece box for easy storage.

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Once you have shortlisted the moving services, contact them. Discuss with them your needs and specifications. Find out about the different methods of moving pool tables. Make sure that you give proper information so that they can pack your pool table in the most suitable way. Let the professionals know what you want in your moving services package so that they can offer you the best service.

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Most professional pool table moving companies will use specially designed trucks to transport your table. This ensures that all the equipment used in moving the table is safe and sturdy. For example, the truck must be able to handle the weight of the table and the ball. Furthermore, special tools are required to move heavy pool tables.

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Before moving services are hired, make sure that the moving company has all the appropriate insurance cover. In case the equipment gets damaged while in transport, the moving company should have the necessary insurance cover. It is always recommended to select moving services that come highly recommended by previous customers. You can even ask your friends and family to recommend a good and Ideal Moving & Storage company to make sure that your prized pool tables are safely moved to the new house.

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It is advisable to select a Ideal Moving & Storage company to move your pool table because moving companies that charge too little are not as reliable as those that charge more. A lot of factors determine how much a moving company charges. Moving companies that charge less usually do not take care of the finest details and may not be very reliable either. If the moving company is too cheap, it may take days or weeks to get the table to the desired location and the equipment damaged while in transport. On the other hand, the most Ideal Moving & Storage companies make sure their service is cost-effective and reliable to provide your table in perfect condition.

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Moving companies that offer free moving estimates are recommended. This means they give you a free moving estimate in writing so you can compare it with other movers. Free estimates are a great way to make sure that the moving company is financially sound. It is important to note that free moving estimates often do not take into consideration all the expenses that are incurred when moving a large or heavy table like a pool table. For example, if the table is too heavy, the bill will be higher than what you expect.