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How to move an upright piano is not an easy task. It takes time, patience and lots of “do it yourself” know how. Local Piano Moving Cost depends on how far away the piano needs to be moved, how big the piano is and how long the move will take. Costs also vary if you hire local movers or use a professional moving company. A local piano mover may offer discounts for local customers.

Other costs that are often overlooked when moving pianos are insurance, packing and insurance. Insurance can cover any eventuality that may occur during the move such as a broken bone, water damage or damaged piano strings. Packing and insurance can also be less expensive if done at the same time as the moving process. Pianist must be aware of the fact that many moving companies offer a flat rate fee.

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One of the biggest concerns about moving pianos is whether the pianos will be safe during transport. This concern is usually high in two situations: transporting the instrument very far, or transporting it very differently than how it was transported previously. Most professional movers understand how to move a piano the right way. Many dolly companies have a solid reputation and will treat your instrument with care and respect.

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One factor that must be considered is how heavy a piano will need to be in order to safely move it. Is the piano weight of the total weight of all the items in the car, or do you just want to be safe and transport light? Local moving companies have transportation vehicles specially designed to move larger pieces of furniture safely. They are also prepared to move heavier pianos on a flat bed semi-trailer.

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How to move an upright? One of the benefits of hiring piano movers is that they are skilled and experienced professionals. Local movers will know their stuff when it comes to getting your instrument from one place to another, safely. They’ll also know exactly how to set it up in the new location so that it looks as attractive as it did the first day. A local mover will also be familiar with any local restrictions so that you won’t run into problems later.

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Another question often asked is “How long does it take to bring a piano home?”. There is actually no standard answer to this question. It really depends on a number of factors such as the distance to be travelled, the type of transport being used (car, stair lift, elevator, or truck), how many times the piece has been moved in the past, and the type of transportation used (air, ground, or water). Keep in mind that different types of transport may encounter different levels of wear and tear, and that the base rate can increase or decrease depending upon those factors. So it really depends on how long the movers need to stay overnight and how long the piece needs to be carried.

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Base Rate: What is the base rate? This is usually the amount charged for one hour of mover’s time. Base rate is not an hourly rate, but an all-inclusive, flat fee that covers all materials and labor for every one thousand feet of move. This includes both travel time and storage space.

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Freight Cost: You should also ask about the cost of the actual truck that is used for moving your instrument. The price will vary depending on the size of the truck and how long the move will last. Local movers will be able to give you a rough estimate based on the current distance. Long distance moves will most likely charge more since the movers will have to pay to drive your instrument long distances. If you have a local group who offers this type of service, then you can call them for a base rate as well as a list of prices for the different services they offer.