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Moving your refrigerator is one of the hardest parts of moving. It is also the most chWataugaging part of moving. Refrigerators are huge, hard to move, and difficult to store. Before you start to worry about how to move a refrigerator from one place to another, you need to make sure that you have everything in place that will make it easier.

The first thing that you want to do is make sure that you have your two hours of notice. This means if you have to get your refrigerator moved within two hours of the last delivery, then you are going to need a bit more than an hour. The reason for this is that refrigerators can easily get stopped up while in transit. You do not want to run into a problem with the brakes on your moving truck that will require you to stop and rest for a few hours while they get the job done.

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The second step that you will want to take is to figure out what exactly is damaged. There are a couple of things that could damage your appliance. One common problem is chipping. If chipping occurs it is likely that some of the panels on the back of the appliance may be showing signs of damage. These panels are typically viewable when you access the back panel by pulling off the appliance. Once you have removed the back panel you can see the damage and have a better idea of how to move a refrigerator.

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One common problem that can come from a refrigerator moving is moisture seeping into the room where the refrigerator is located. If moisture gets in the air by the door of the room, the refrigerator can begin to rust which will cause some damage to the compressor. There is a quick and easy way to check to see if moisture has already gotten into the compressor area of the refrigerator. All you have to do is open up the door of the refrigerator and take a look at the bottom of the appliance.

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Movers will make sure that any moisture that is seeped into the appliance or seeped into the room where the refrigerator is located has been properly fixed before they begin the move. Movers can usually use special tools like furniture sliders to help them reach the areas around the refrigerator. Furniture sliders are small sliding footholds that can be used to safely move furniture in and out of tight spaces. It is important for movers to remember to keep an eye on any liquid spills so that they can be cleaned up and turned over safely before the movers begin moving the appliance again.

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Before a refrigerator moving company begins the move, they will disconnect the power to the refrigerator. They will then disconnect the water and natural gas as well. This is to ensure that the movers are not stuck with the refrigerant and fuel mixture. Once all the electricity and gas are disconnected from the appliance, the movers will remove everything from the refrigerator. The movers will be wearing white jackets which helps them to easily see the wires and plumbing connections without having to Watauga down. Professional movers will be careful to not damage any wires or plumbing pipes while they are removing appliances so that they can be moved safely.

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After all the appliances have been removed, the movers will pack them up into small storage containers. They will use thick, plastic-based protective blankets to help keep the appliances dry during the move. The movers will place these storage containers on the moving truck during the move and drop them off at the new location.

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Refrigerator moving companies have the skills and equipment to move an appliance or two at a time. However, large appliances like this can take several hours to move. In order to reduce property damage during the move, the movers will make sure that they only put one appliance at a time into each box. This is important because the movers do not want to have to move the entire refrigerator when they only need to move one appliance at a time. The movers will label the boxes with the date and a phone number for any additional questions.