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If you are a homeowner or have experience with moving to another residence or commercial property, chances are that you have encountered at least one problem with moving a couch. Couch moving is especially problematic, because of the poor quality of moving supplies and technique, as seen in the photo below:

First, consider that this is not a typical moving situation. Assuming that the people in the photo above were not professional movers, consider that they probably could not get their couch into the back of a moving truck. Moving a couch can involve wrestling with the couch, getting it up on a firm surface, and then maneuvering the couch into a smaller space that the truck is capable of driving. This means that the people in this photo did not use professional moving supplies to help them move their couch. If you learn how to properly do it, couch moving does not need to be a disaster.

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Second, consider the moving company or movers that was hired. The people in this photo probably used the services of a local moving company. However, moving companies can charge more than home movers and may not provide the specialized services needed for certain couches. Before hiring a moving company, ask how many couches will be handled at the same time.

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Third, the people in this photo likely attempted couch moving by themselves. Whether they succeeded or not is anyone’s guess. It is surprising how many people attempt to move a couch by themselves without the proper training. It is difficult enough to learn how to get your furniture into a new place, and when coupled with an inability to get the couch into the new space, couch moving is likely to lead to an unsuccessful move.

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Fourth, remember that many movers do not have experience handling couches. If a moving company is charging for this type of service, it is likely because they are specialists on other types of furniture pieces. Ask if the company charges extra for moving couches because it is a specialty item. If they do not have experience with moving furniture like couches, inquire about whether the moving company has at least one other specialty item that they could move for you. It is very rare for movers to have everything they need ready to go.

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Fifth, know the normal process that occurs when a sofa is moved. When you were young, you probably played in a game that involved getting the furniture piece on its end and then kicking it back on its leg. Moving a couch is pretty much the same, only in reverse. Start off by standing on the edge of the sofa, holding the bottom edge with one hand while leaning over with the other hand. You will probably want someone to help you lift the couch if it is very heavy.

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Once you have the couch lifted, you can start to move it forward using the legs. It may take several attempts to move a couch this heavy, so do not be frustrated if it does not move in the first attempt. Continue pushing it forward until it moves smoothly and easily. Once you have the couch passed through the doorway, unassisted, you should be able to move a heavy couch quite easily.

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When you are ready to load your couch into the truck, you will want to ensure that the door is closed properly. The movers will have special tools for doing this, so ask if they offer these services. There may also be special locks for sliding doors that need to be taken care of. A few small things like this may cost you a little more, but if you have small children or pets in the home, these precautions are very important. Heavy couch moving equipment does not come cheap, but hiring professional movers is definitely a good idea. It is always better to be safe than sorry when dealing with something this large and potentially dangerous.