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So, you are interested in learning how to move a piano from one place to another? It’s a good question and one that I’m sure you have contemplated. You see, it is true that most upright piano movers charge a lot of money to do just that job. That’s right, you need to really understand the answer to this riddle before you can put your moving budget in place.

But before you get started, let me focus on a few other factors that will directly impact the piano moving costs to a certain extent. In fact, the local weather and climatic conditions will have a hand in dictating how much you will need to pay for the moving services. The local climate will determine how many cold winters you will need to go through before the local climate turns warm enough to accommodate a piano. Movers will charge you accordingly for the amount of work involved in transporting the piano from one place to another.

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Another factor affecting your piano moving expenses is the total number of stairs involved in the move. Now, if you are willing to hire the services of a local piano mover, they will calculate the total stairs that will be involved in relocating the piano from one spot to another by considering the number of steps between the first floor and the second floor. So, it is important for you to prepare all relevant documents with the local movers in order to get a flat rate quote. Otherwise, you may end up spending more than the actual cost incurred to carry out the move.

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How about the actual cost incurred to actually carry the piano from one place to another? Well, like any other movable objects, pianos too have weight and size restrictions. You can get quotes from professional piano movers for the actual weight and size of the piano as well as for the actual distance that has to be covered during the move. If you are planning a long distance move, then it is advisable to hire professional piano movers for the same. However, if the move is short, then you can follow the basic guidelines for calculating your piano moving costs.

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Calculating the Weight and Size of an Upright Piano Long-Distance Move If you have an upright piano, then you can calculate the actual weight and size of the piece using some simple guidelines. First, decide on whether the move will involve carrying the upright piano on a flatbed truck, a wheelchair, or perhaps on a motorcycle trailer. After you have decided on these options, you can easily calculate the weight of the piano and its maximum capacity using commonly accepted measurements such as those found in the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission manual for measuring light boxes. For an upright piano, the actual weight of the complete unit including strings, padding, and the frame is usually about three to five pounds.

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Moving Your Upright Pianoonto a Four-wheeled Dolly Sometimes a piano onto a four-wheeled dolly makes the move easier. You can use a forklift truck or a pallet to move the instrument from one location to another. A professional piano mover would be able to advise you on the best way of moving your instrument safely and securely. If the piano is on a dolly, the instrument can be lifted off the ground using a crane and taken to a different location.

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Moving Upright pianos with Moving Blankets The cheapest and easiest way of moving upright pianos is to use moving blankets. If there are not any moving blankets available at your local movers, then you can buy some from any store selling home products. If the piano is made of wood, then you need to cover it with the moving blankets. This will protect the piano from dust, moisture, and any other substances that might damage it while being moved. It is important to wrap the instrument in layers of heavy material so that the damage is kept to a minimum during the move.

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Using Special Packing Materials When You Move Upright pianos, it is important to pack them carefully to avoid injury. Many pianos are fragile and can be damaged when not properly packed. It is better to avoid using any materials that could potentially break the instrument during the move. One of the best ways of doing this is by using specialized packing materials that are designed to move delicate items without harming them during the move. The best moving materials for pianos are carpet or foam peanuts, which are non-toxic.