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Moving a Gun Safe is an important piece of equipment to keep guns safely stored away from children and criminals while on your property. Properly moving a gun safe can minimize the risk of accidental damage and injury. The procedure takes some special equipment and expertise but does work well for many basic electronic locking gun safes.

Always recommend that you leave the moving of any heavy-duty gun safe and other specialty moves to a professional moving company, but even if you think that you have to do it on your own, be sure to move your gun safe by the company’s directions. Do not attempt to open a heavy duty safe or ammunition crate by yourself because it may be too dangerous. Also be sure to read all manufacturer instructions when moving a gun safe. Never break down a crate or gun safe with force or try to open it using violence.

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How to Move a Gun Safe If you are planning to hire gun safe moving companies be sure to know the area that they will be moving your gun safe from. Make sure to tell them exactly where you want the safe taken to avoid delays and possible problems. Ask them how long it will take to get the safe to your new place. Find out what the new location will be before they leave to make sure that there is not a problem getting the safe into the new place.

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Stairs What to do if you have to navigate a set of stairs when using site protection with a heavy item such as a gun safe? First, remain calm and call out the number of the safe’s owner. Second, stay as close as possible to the safe so that you do not fall when reaching the top or bottom of the stairs.

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Gun Safe Moving and Storage What to do if the gun safe moving and storage company is in another state and cannot deliver the gun safe on your behalf? If the gun safe is large then it is recommended that the movers use trucks to transport it. It is best to use a large truck since some large trucks can actually fit several firearms in them. There are many gun safe movers who specialize in moving and storing guns.

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Moving Dollies The moving company should provide all of the equipment that the movers need to transport your firearms and ammunition. Most movers provide a large variety of dollies such as dollies that are made for transporting handguns, long guns and shotguns. Some movers even provide a special sized dolly just for storing long guns. These special sized dollies are made to fit securely under the seat of the truck without leaving any spaces.

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Make sure that the movers will be able to return the gun safe and retrieve it at your new location. Ask the moving company if they will be shipping the items as well. Many gun safe transportation companies offer this option. It is best to have all of this information ready and available before the move.

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All of these gun safe moving tips should be followed to ensure that your precious items will arrive safely at your new home. You can call the professional mover right away to schedule your transportation. They will be able to tell you how soon you can expect to be at your new home. It is important that you trust the professionals. They have been moving firearms for years. They know how to get your items where they need to go and how to ensure that they arrive safely.