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If you live in or around Texas, chances are you have had to deal with a refrigerator moving company. Moving the refrigerator from one spot to another can be rough on the freezer and the refrigerator motor. Refrigerator moving companies usually come with a moving checklist to make the moving easier. If you are moving a refrigerator on your own, you should make a moving checklist to ensure you get it done on your own, too.

Step One: Determine the size you will need. All appliances have different weight limits. The manufacturer’s recommendations will be used to determine what this number is. The easiest way to get this number is to figure out the heaviest appliance in your current set up.

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Step Two: Get the dimensions of your refrigerator. You can get these numbers online or from a retailer. It is important to have the correct measurements because when you are measuring for your refrigerator moving you will need to know how much room is available. Measurements for the moving pieces should be taken of the floor, walls and any other areas that may come into contact with the refrigerator moving parts.

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Step Three: Set up your dolly. A dolly is a piece of equipment with wheels and is used to transfer appliances from one floor to another. Refrigerator moving companies use special dollies made from heavy gauge steel and then customize them with handles. This allows the dolly to be pulled along the floor as you wheel it around. Having wheels ensures the dolly does not roll off the moving truck and cause damage to anything below.

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Step Four: Make sure your refrigerator is cool enough to be moved by your movers. Refrigerator moving companies do not recommend moving fridges that are extremely hot. Your movers will have to get the moving professionals or you risk having damages to the refrigerator. Refrigerator moving companies recommend starting your refrigerator’s cooling system as soon as possible after you leave it. Otherwise, you run the risk of the motor overheating and causing damage to your appliance.

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Step Five: Start to carefully inspect all refrigerators in the moving truck. Look for any damages, cracks, breaks or any signs of leakage. Any leaking spots should be immediately caressed with tape to prevent any water or fluids from getting inside. If there is any visible damage, consult your refrigerator’s manual to see what steps to take next.

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Step Six: Once the moving experts have assessed the damage they will suggest a course of action. Many appliances require some type of removal and a few require extensive repairs. The refrigerator which requires the most attention should be taken out and laid on the ground. The experts may suggest you tear down the appliance or repair it if it can be done.

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In order to make your refrigerator’s move easy, the professionals normally suggest a series of safety precautions. One such suggestion is for you to wear heavy-duty gloves and earmuffs during the move. You should also remove all non-food items from the refrigerator. If you follow these suggestions, you should have no trouble moving your refrigerator and avoiding the embarrassment that comes with an appliance malfunction.