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Moving your hot tub is not as simple as one might think. It requires expert professionals and at the same time they require time and dedication. If you wish to have your spa moved by a licensed moving company, here are some basic tips to help you with the move. These are mostly applicable for small to medium sized hot tubs.

The most important question that must be answered is – where are you planning to move it? The cost of moving a hot tub from place-to-place by professional hot tub movers range from about 200 to 400 dollars. When you add up all the additional expenses added because of factors such as height, location, labor costs, the area you live in, the city you live in, etc, all can easily add up to $1000 quite quickly. Therefore, it is best to find a local hot tub moving company or a licensed moving company in your area.

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As with any moving task, a thorough checklist needs to be followed to make sure that nothing is missed out. This will enable the hot tub mover to estimate the whole cost accurately before starting the process. Estimate the total length of the journey by either talking to the professional mover who will be taking care of your furniture or simply doing your own estimation by taking note of the mileage and the destination and then calculating the expenses. Also, some companies include the cost of the fuel in the bill so that you won’t incur extra expenses on that. Do a double check with your insurance company to ensure that your medical equipment and other belongings are covered during the move. Make sure that all the moving straps and ropes used are in good condition; otherwise you may need to pay extra to have them replaced.

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Finding out how to move a hot tub without breaking the bank will help you save lots of time and money and you’ll be able to enjoy your spa experience without worrying about moving any of your expensive items. Moving hot tubs takes patience and a lot of common sense. You don’t want to be in an unpleasant situation that could have been avoided if only you knew how to move a hot tub. There are certain steps you need to follow before and during the move.

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The very first thing to do is to secure all your valuable items and ensure that they are completely safe from any possibility of damage. A professional hot tub moving company will always use strong and heavy trucks for transporting your things, so you will need to research on what kind of truck would be most suitable. If you’re unsure of this, you can always ask for referrals from friends and family members. Once all your materials have been securely packed, you should also get the approval from the person (or people) who are towing your spa or hot tub movers. You should have someone, somewhere, who is willing to stand by your belongings to make sure they are well-protected.

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Now that everything is secured, it’s time to get all the moving boxes and documents together. These include insurance papers for each piece of equipment, packing material for fragile glass, and other sensitive personal and business documents. Most hot tub movers companies offer brochures and estimates for all their services. It’s important to compare all these details before choosing a moving company to help you with your move.

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The last step in how to move a hot tub without breaking the bank is to prepare your new home. Once you’ve got all your moving boxes at your disposal, it’s time to contact your hot tub movers and start making plans. Choose a date and time when you know you won’t be interrupted by anyone else. That way you can plan the move so it goes smoothly. If there is any other help needed, make sure it is booked through the same company.

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A good moving company makes all aspects of moving hot tubs easy, safe, and efficient. They know exactly how much space will need to be cleared, how to pack and transport, and how to get rid of old furniture and appliances. Hot tub moving companies can be found online, in the yellow pages of your telephone book, and through referrals. So, if you’re wondering how to move hot tubs without breaking the bank, find a good moving company.