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How to move a couch? Is it not as simple as pushing, pulling, lifting, and draping? It sure is! But movers specialize in moving a couch because that furniture piece is heavy and difficult to move.

How to move a couch can be described in five words or less. A professional couch moving company will have tools to help you move the couch with safety precautions in mind. Moving a couch takes more than one person; it takes teamwork. Let’s look at how to move a couch through doorways, in other words, how to move a couch with a team of movers.

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First off, you need to determine the location of your new living space. If you are moving from your current home, find a local moving company. This is especially important if you are going to be relocating a heavy couch through another home. Find another professional who specializes in moving heavy couches. The movers will take into account the weight of the couch when determining how to move it.

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The first step to move the couch is to remove it from the floor. For couches that are up against a wall, a handyman can use pry bars or other tools to loosen the bolts holding it to the wall. This prevents damage to the couch if it should fall down or hit a hard object when the movers get ready to lift it up. Otherwise, the couch could begin to sag and break as it is transported through the doorway. If the moving company has some experience in moving couches, they’ll be able to advise you on how to move a couch through a door without damaging it.

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Next, the couch needs to be lifted with support from at least two people. Lifting a full size couch can require a lot of muscle strength. It’s best for professional movers to use lifting straps or even lumber to help support the couch while it is being moved. Support from at least two people helps ensure the entire move goes smoothly.

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When the couch has been lifted, it needs to be maneuvered carefully through the door. Make sure the movers use the right equipment to prevent injury and damage to the couches. Professional movers have the right equipment and training to move a couch through a door without causing any problems. In fact, these professionals have likely used the same type of moving company for many of their previous couches.

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Once the couch is being moved, it needs to be maneuvered through the new home. The movers need to know how to move a couch through a door – or at least learn the best way to move it in advance. Once it’s been transported through the door and into the new home, the movers need to know the best way to exit the area. Knowing the best way to exit is crucial because it ensures the safety of the couch.

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If you decide to hire movers for your couch, these individuals will give you a consultation. This ensures they are capable of properly transporting the furniture piece safely. Before hiring movers, it’s a good idea to take the time to plan out the move and be prepared for any type of obstacles or delays. A professional will likely come to the home and inspect everything, but they won’t be responsible for all the work. They should leave you with a price estimate and any paperwork that are needed.