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Talty Pool Table Moving

What’s the biggest problem of pool table moving? The biggest problem when it comes to moving a pool table isn’t its weight. It can weigh anything from fifty pounds to 500 pounds based on its measurements and material. Then, you will have to pack it correctly just to protect it from any damage and not disrupt its fragile state further. In some instances, the moving company may also be charging you for its use as well. But if you’re going to be using a licensed moving service, the weight limit of their moving carts will already be taken into account.

If you want to know the best way on how to move a pool table, you should contact several local moving companies. Some movers are just local individuals who want to earn money for whatever reason. On the other hand, there are professional movers that are licensed by the Better Business Bureau. Moving companies that have insured moving professionals may need to shell out a little more than other types of movers but it will still be a lot less than moving all by yourself.

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Moving a pool table isn’t quite as simple as just loading it on a truck and driving off. First, you have to make sure that the moving company has the appropriate permit to move the table. It would be wise to ask the moving company if they received the proper permit beforehand. If not, then you will have to request them to do it for you. They may also require additional manpower in order for the whole process of pool table relocation to be successful.

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When the time comes that the moving crew is ready to unload your pool table, you must be prepared to disassemble it and then assemble it again. The whole packing and assembling process could take a few days, so it would be best to be organized right from the beginning. The first thing that you should do is to disassemble everything. This includes the pool table, the table lamps, the lights, the boards, the base, and any other things that you don’t want to get crushed or stuck in the transport trucks.

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Then you have to make sure that all the materials and equipment that you have taken with you are intact. Take note that moving professionals are experienced and skilled at getting rid of certain things that can cause damage during transportation. However, they are not experts when it comes to packing and reassembling the pieces. So make sure that you check the whole place thoroughly for anything that can go wrong during the relocation. There are lots of moving professionals who are very good at their jobs and who would never compromise with quality.

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Once everything has been cleaned, arranged and tested, you can start putting back everything back on. Take out the broken pieces and put them back as fast as possible. In case you cannot find the broken pieces, you can request your moving professionals to buy new ones for you. Make sure that your slate tiles are put back in their proper place. You should also include the rails, the felt pads and the pocket edge on your slate to make sure that they’re all intact.

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The next step is to remove the balls from the pockets of the table. If your table has already been assembled, this task will be quite easy. But if you’re shifting yours, make sure that you find all the balls. It would be a good idea to remove every single ball before starting the process of reassembling everything back.

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Your billiard table can easily be moved from your old home to your new home in just one day. All that you need are the right tools and a little bit of patience. This process may seem tedious and boring to some people, but once you get started with it, you’ll definitely enjoy how easy it is. Just make sure to have a plan on how to move your table and how to identify dangers while moving it.