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Many people are under the impression that piano moving just involves the simple relocation of a piano from one place to another. While this is certainly the easiest way to carry out the task, it is not the only way. In fact, there are some very specific steps involved in the moving of pianos, and they must be taken in order for the move to go smoothly and without any problems at all. If you are planning on moving a piano to a new home or even just to give your piano to someone as a gift, these simple steps will make the entire process go much smoother.

First of all, pianos can be very fragile, and they must be moved carefully. You should never let small children or pets bring your grands in for a moving job. Pianos are very heavy and could easily damage them while the moving process is going on. Always call a professional mover to do the job, and ask them for recommendations for moving companies.

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The best time of year to move your piano is in the winter. Even though most piano moving companies will move pianos during the warmer months, they will usually charge more during the colder months when it is cold out. This is simply because of the increased weight that are on top of the instrument, and if you have not unpacked the instrument correctly before the move, it will most likely break as it is hauled around.

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You need to be prepared to pay quite a bit of money if you are going to hire a professional piano mover to move your grand. It is common for the prices to be quite a bit higher than they would be if you were to attempt to do it on your own. Professionals have the benefit of long distance piano moving services and insurance that comes with it. If anything were to go wrong, it is highly likely that you would receive a large discount off of the cost of the whole move since you are insured.

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One of the most important pieces of equipment that you will need to make sure that your piano moving company has with them is a good skid board. The piano skid board is what will keep your grand from getting damaged in transport. The majority of moving companies will not provide a skid board, but it is highly recommended that you get one. You can either rent one from one of the moving companies or buy one. Make sure that you buy a high quality board so that it will last for the entire distance of your journey.

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Piano movers will supply straps that will attach the grand to the skid board. Make sure that the straps fit tightly so that nothing can fly out and hit you when the movers set the piano moving machine down. Your arms will start to cramp as the machine rocks and rolls across the floor. Poorly fitted straps can cause injury.

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Another important piece of equipment that a piano mover will supply them is a dolly. This is a huge piece of furniture that is used to help move pianos across the floor. You can imagine how massive this is and how dangerous it can be if not used properly. The dolly is extremely heavy so you need to be sure that you are using a piano mover that can lift the weight and ensure that it is safely transferred from one floor to another. Using a mover that cannot lift the weight properly, can result in the piano falling down on top of anyone who is below. This is why you need to make sure that your piano mover has the right equipment.

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Good piano moving companies will provide you with pictures of how their equipment works so you can see what the process will be. The more professional moving companies will use the most modern technology to ensure that they do not risk hurting you while moving your piano. Piano movers are trained professionals who will assess each job individually. Therefore, you will know within seconds whether you are working with a moving company that can move your piano safely.