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The cost of moving a piano depends on several factors. How big is it? Is it an old or a new one? What kind of music is it?

But before we discuss the typical costs to move a piano across town, let us first focus on some factors which will impact the overall piano moving cost. The first factor is the size, weight and make of your piano. Heavier and larger upright pianos cost more to move between point A and point B just because they will take more manpower with specialized equipment, more wrapped materials and more partial disassembling…but they are worth every penny. If you have an upright piano, you can move it yourself, but if it’s a baby grand piano, you better call a professional piano mover. The weight of the baby grand piano is much too great for the upright pianos to handle safely.

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The next factor is the type of piano being moved. Would you like a portable electronic piano or a more permanent “traditional” grand? Which way will the piano move – on a flat bed truck, an incline conveyor or stairway? And if you are not moving the piano from one place to another but rather bringing the musical instrument from one spot to another, what material will it be covered with – wood, plywood, sheet metal?

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And the third factor of the piano moving costs is the transportation of the piano moving truck. How far does the piano need to be driven? Does it have a ramp? These factors are extremely important to consider, as the distance the piano needs to be driven can vary significantly depending on many factors such as the weight, the height and the shape of the instrument.

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One of the easiest ways to move a piano is by using dolly pianos. This can also be referred to as a bench top or a pallet. The dolly piano is a simple two stage movable dolly that makes a simple move and returns the piano to the original position in one simple move. There are many types of dolly pianos available. Some move only slightly and some move extremely quickly and easily. This is often the best way to move a piano because it is so easy and convenient.

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When it comes to hiring piano movers, there are several things to consider. Hiring professionals for moving your piano will save you time, money and effort. Piano movers will know exactly how to move your piano safely and securely, and they also have the necessary equipment to move the instrument without causing any damage to it. When it comes to hiring piano movers, the process of finding one that you like the sound of may be the most important part of the whole moving process. Make sure that you choose a moving company that gives a free estimate and will give you a written estimate after they have looked at your home and performed the initial inspection.

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Piano moving companies can provide you with a quote for moving your piano within one day. When it comes to comparing rates, you should compare not only the price but the terms of the service as well. Most piano moving companies will offer free estimates and a written estimate, but make sure that you choose one that will give you the time frame in which they guarantee their work. Find a moving company that offers a fair moving rate that also offers a reasonable time frame.

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While there is nothing wrong with moving your piano yourself, remember that it is a delicate instrument that must be handled with care. Pianos are delicate and must be moved carefully to prevent damage. Before hiring piano movers, you may want to consider weighing your piano near the beginning of the moving process so that you will know what it will be moving around. Make sure that the moving company that you hire knows how to move pianos and how to move them safely.