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From in-home furniture arranging to transport your prized pieces across the nation. Whether you’re relocating all of your furniture or just a few items from one house to another, hiring professional movers can make the entire moving experience a lot less stressful. The insured and licensed moving companies that specialize in this service employ skilled staff adept at each stage of the moving process. This article will cover three Furniture Moving Tips to keep in mind.

Be aware of fragile furniture. No matter how hard you try to move furniture and keep it from getting damaged, there is always a possibility that some of it could get broken during the move. For instance, if you have fragile glass work, such as pictures or vases, try not to use them while you are moving your items because they may break. Even though glass items aren’t broken, they can be extremely fragile. An experienced moving company is fully equipped to handle the most fragile of furniture and will use special equipment to pack your items securely.

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Don’t trust your local furniture movers to pack everything for you. Furniture mover marketplace is filled with people who will quote a low price just so they can get rid of your stuff. Before you sign any contract with a moving company, check their credentials and ask to see a copy of their insurance policy. They should also be able to provide you with a full list of items that they will not move. Don’t be afraid to insist on seeing this list before you pay anyone for services.

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If you have hired moving companies in the past that have been good at what they do, ask them what is the best way to transport your items. Some suggest using a rental truck while others recommend using flatbed trucks. Ask your moving company which method they believe is the best way to go. Keep in mind that every method has its own advantages and disadvantages and is dependent on several factors including the size of your belongings, the distance you wish to cover and the ability of your vehicle to withstand the movement.

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The best way to move furniture is by using a truck to take it from your current location to your new home. Furniture can sometimes weigh very heavy and if you attempt to move it on your own, you may find yourself Sunnyvaleing over backwards with all of the extra weight. Instead, renting a moving truck is the best way to move your furniture. The one advantage of renting a moving truck is that they are fully insured and your belongings are covered even if they are damaged during the move. You will also find that there are many companies that specialize in renting moving trucks. The Better Business Bureau and the American Moving & Storage Association are good places to start your search.

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Another way to protect furniture in transit is to use furniture protection pads. These protective pads can be placed under your furniture items to protect them during transportation. Furniture protection pads can be purchased at most moving supply stores or specialty moving supply stores. Using furniture protection pads while moving is an easy way to keep your valuable items safe and secure during the move. These pads are inexpensive and can save you money by cutting down on the cost of repairs that may result from being exposed to moisture and gas during the move.

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Many people do not realize how fragile some types of furniture can be and therefore neglect the importance of using furniture protection pads when moving their belongings. The reality is, certain types of furniture can be very delicate. You should be aware of any fragile pieces and purchase appropriate furniture protection pads to protect them. Furniture can break easily if not properly transported and if they are improperly transported. The last thing you want to do is to incur damage to your valuable furniture just because you did not take the time to make sure your moving blankets or furniture pads were sufficient to protect it.

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Furniture that is made out of wood can often be broken into more than one piece if it is not properly disassembled in the transport process. This is why disassembling furniture is so important. If you are assembling or disassembling furniture yourself, there are many tutorials available on the internet that can help you safely and efficiently disassemble your items. You should ensure that you follow all the guidelines laid out for you by the manufacturer of your piece and do not leave Furniture Unpacking on top of a hot car while it is sitting in the box. If this were to happen, it could cause the wood to warp.