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Moving a Hot Tub is not that simple and should only be done by professionals. Professionals such as licensed movers with years of experience to carry out this task effortlessly and efficiently. The price of moving a hot tub from one location to another can easily run up to a few thousands of dollars depending on factors such as distance, time, and the type of tub you have. The size of your hot tub can also greatly affect the moving expenses as bigger ones are generally more difficult to move and cost more. When considering all these factors, you might want to get in touch with a licensed moving company for expert assistance.

The first step to lift a hot tub is to remove the deck. For larger models, this can be achieved with a hydraulic deck lift. This equipment is usually attached to a trailer or truck and can easily be lifted without needing any tools. However, it is important to note that while these can work, they are not advised for small to medium-sized decks. This simply means that you will need to make the deck yourself and use a special Hot Tub Lift.

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The second step to lift a hot tub off-site is to remove it from its pedestal. For larger models, this might require special equipment. The most common methods involve unscrewing bolts and securing the pedestal with heavy duty brackets. However, for smaller models which cannot be easily reached, it is highly recommended that professional mover companies apply heavy duty straps and harnesses to safely lift and transport the unit to its destination. In some cases, the entire unit might require unscrewing just to remove it from its pedestal, which results in additional time and expenses as compared to doing the job yourself.

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Once the unit is off-site, movers should carefully secure it to prevent it from being damaged as it moves across the country. This is especially important in areas which are prone to violent weather such as Texas. It is wise to pack boxes and crates of your belongings before hiring movers. This will ensure that your belongings do not become damaged during the move. All movers in Texas take international moving insurance to cover your belongings in the case that they are damaged during transit.

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The third and final step to lift a hot tub off-site is to climb the stairs. Most movers charge you strictly by the stairs, so plan accordingly. Even if it costs more to have movers bring a ladder, it is better than climbing the stairs and potentially tripping and injuring yourself. A professional team will be able to provide you with detailed stairs instructions prior to the move. Make sure that all members of your household know how to use the stairs in preparation for the move.

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One of the most common mistakes made by homeowners who hire moving companies is leaving items behind. Some homeowners mistakenly believe that they can simply pick up the items and throw them in a car. Unfortunately, most items cannot be put in a car because they require special handling. It is also smart to have a trusted friend or family member to come along with the movers to pick up the items when the movers are loading and unloading the boat.

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The final piece of equipment needed for proper transportation is dollies. A dolly is used to transport the hot tub and should be rented in advance, as finding a reputable moving company with low, reasonable hourly rates can be difficult. Ask the movers if they have dollies available for rent, as well as flatbed dollies for trucks and larger passenger vehicles.

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A dolly is not the only piece of equipment needed for transporting a hot tub. It is also important to hire skilled drivers to drive the trailer and make sure that it is properly maintained. Many tubs are relatively small, but driving a semi tractor or larger truck requires special care while moving. Drivers should also ensure that all moving lights and sirens are working properly and that the trailer is equipped with brake lights. Before renting a trailer, make sure that the seller includes all of these necessities. Moving companies may be able to help a homeowner with this task, or a movers’ association may even have recommendations for renting a trailer.