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Moving a piano is not like moving to any other instrument. Not only does it take extra work and money, but there are many elements that should be taken into consideration. It’s important that you consider every aspect of moving your piano to ensure that you get the best price and the best experience when you move it. This article will discuss several tips on how to move a piano:

Long distance piano moving prices often cost more than a local move, simply because the average cost requires roadwork and driver time as well as the actual moving expenses. Long distance moves typically include tolls, bridge fees, and additional driving time. If you factor in these costs with your average cost for moving a piano, you may end up with surprising figures. In most cases, a local piano mover will offer to come to your home free of charge or at a reduced price to factor in these costs.

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Local movers charge more than moving companies that charge a flat rate. Local moving companies will generally quote a flat rate based on their experience and equipment. This flat rate is usually less expensive than hiring a local piano mover with a pro who charges a slightly higher hourly rate. Ask your local piano moving companies how much they charge for each hour of their service. A good rule of thumb is to ask how many hours are included in the flat rate and then multiply this number by the hourly rate to get the exact number of hours. This will allow you to determine which piano moving companies charge the most for their time.

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Before you make your final decision on which piano mover you will hire to move your musical instrument, ask whether they offer special moving services. Moving your instrument to a new location and then bringing it back can be a bit of a nightmare if you do not have special packing and relocating arrangements. One way to alleviate this problem is to let the moving professionals take care of these details for you. Most professional piano movers can rent trucks equipped with heavy-duty moving equipment to help move your instrument in one place while they transport it to another.

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Piano crating is a common method of moving pianos because crating is easier and safer than traditional moving. When crating your grand piano, make sure you call several reputable moving companies to rate your proposals so you can compare prices and quality. Researching the internet can help you find the best rates on crating as well as companies offering the service. With a proper plan, piano movers can move your piano in one Ideal Moving & Storage with no hassles. The larger the piano, the more crating must be done to ensure its safe arrival at your new destination.

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Many people are unsure about the stairs a piano needs to be moved because they are unsure about how far they need to go or what type of foundation work must be performed to support the stairs. Professionals who work with piano movers are happy to share all necessary information with customers so that they know how to properly proceed with moving stairs. The most popular type of stairs for moving involve “mono-stereo” systems – these staircases use only one hand to manipulate the keys and there is not a counterbalance on either side. For pianos that are less than sixteen inches in height, there is no need to balance the piano on top of stairs because the upper and lower steps on a mono-stereo system are solid on each side.

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If you have an upright grand piano, the main consideration for moving it is whether it will fit into a standard vehicle or whether you will need special equipment for transporting. Upright pianos are quite large and weight should be considered during the move. There are several ways to transport an upright without jeopardizing the quality of the instrument. If the piano is moving in a car, the best way to transport it is to place it in a trunk or boot with soft sided luggage. Some people choose to place their grand piano inside a vehicle and have a dolly take it from place to place. It is important to always ask about the specific methods for moving a grand piano because some methods may damage the instrument.

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When moving a grand piano across town, many movers offer crating services. This service allows customers to move the piano from point A to point B in one piece of equipment. Most crating services include all necessary paperwork and will charge a reasonable fee. Services like crating help make moving a piano a much easier and stress free experience.