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Gun safes are among the most important things in your home, and should be protected at all times. When you decide it is time to secure your firearm, you may be faced with two options: packing up the gun cabinet yourself or hiring professionals to do it for you. Which would you prefer?

First, you need to know how to move a gun safe on your own. This is not as difficult as it sounds, and there are a variety of safe secure companies that specialize in moving firearms from room to room. Moving a gun safe is something that only veterans of the gun cabinet understand. It is not something that you, the average Joe, should attempt alone. Fortunately, when you choose professionals for your move you are getting security and peace of mind. They are experienced and know exactly how to pack and load your gun safe for transportation.

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Moving a heavy safe by yourself requires special equipment. You will need special sheets of plastic and foam that are designed to protect against shock and impact. You will also need a forklift to move the gun safe, as well as ropes and heavy duty tape. If the movers have a forklift, they will supply the tools. Otherwise, if you are using regular hand and power tools you will need to rent them. Most gun safe movers have a list of rental equipment available.

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Professional gun safe moving companies are probably the most cost effective way to move a heavy safe. You should not expect to pay more than $150 for the entire move, including any storage fees. If the gun safes are large, like a manila folder or briefcase, you may be able to get a discount.

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If you have a small family, like my family and others, a professional moving company may not be cost effective for you. In addition to expense, time, and gas, a large family like mine would probably want extra help with packing. It would be like gun safe relocation except it also included all the extra work involved in moving a whole family. A professional mover is likely to charge more but it is worth it for peace of mind.

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Not every family-owned moving company has an economy moving truck or fleet. It may be more cost effective to use a smaller, family-owned moving company. The owner keeps all of the tools and equipment. They do not lease or sell them. They are happy to share what they have so you can feel confident that your family’s safety is taken care of and they will be there when you need them.

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A professional moving company will have the equipment necessary to move heavy safes. Most have dollies that will fit inside a gun safe or are compatible with them. These heavy safes are normally much larger and difficult to move alone. I would not recommend attempting to move one by yourself without professional help. If you are uncomfortable with the size of the dolly or the thought of someone crawling around inside, you may want to hire moving gun safes moving professionals to handle the move for you. If you would like to save money but still be assured that your guns are in safe hands, I would recommend that you use a professional moving company to make sure they have the security necessary to ensure that your guns are protected at all times.

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There are many companies in the market offering moving services. Most allow online quotes and payment plans. Spend some time searching moving companies in your area and contact us today. Let us evaluate your needs and then find a moving experience that will suit you and your family. Contact us today.