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Normally, the last thing to consider is mattress moving, all the cumbersome old bed has to be dismantled, put neatly in a moving truck, and put in place. But moving a mattress to a new house does not have to be time-consuming and stressful. Instead, here are some quick tips to help make the moving process easy and stress-free. First, if you do decide to use a professional moving service make sure they have a license, since they will have professional movers available for the job. In addition, any reputable moving company will offer free moving tips and advice for free with every move.

One of the simplest ways to move a mattress is to utilize a flat bed dolly. This Ideal Moving & Storage device consists of two wheels that can be steered by the hand or operated with a remote control. Simply place the mattress on top of the dolly, make sure all sides are accessible and level, then lower the flat bed dolly slowly into the bedroom. If the mattress does become too wet, simply remove it from the truck and set it down on a dry surface until it dries.

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Many people find the process of moving an old mattress to a new house to be quite enjoyable and stress-free. For those individuals, it is often possible to rent a mattress moving truck rental at the beginning of the process, as well. A flat bed dolly makes it very convenient to move an old mattress, as it provides a flat surface upon which the mattress can be slid without getting stuck on sides or corners. Because it is flat, there is little chance that the mattress will move during the move, allowing you more time to do other things, such as changing out pillows or placing larger furniture pieces in their proper places.

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In order to help ensure the safety of the mattress during the move, it is important to invest in a few safety precautions. First, it is important to select dollies that are well suited for carrying and moving a large mattress. The best types of dollies to use are those that have ratchet straps attached to the bottom, allowing for the utmost versatility as they can be folded in multiple directions to accommodate for varying bed sizes and shapes. Ratchet straps also ensure that the mattress will not roll over, which could result in the possibility of the entire bed coming off the ground and injuring the occupants. Because of this, many mattress movers will choose to use larger sized ratchet straps that can handle up to 500 pounds.

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Prior to the move a mattress, it is important to ensure that all bedding items are brought together. By doing so, it will be easier to transport everything in one package. Mattress movers will generally ask that all bedding items such as pillows, blankets, and even mattresses be brought along as well. In some instances, mattresses may have to be disassembled and stacked in several different locations. It is very important to follow any and all instructions included with the move a mattress.

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Many people do not think that moving a mattress entails having to spend money. While it may cost more to hire professional movers, it will in the long run save the consumer time and money. By using the internet, it is easy to find companies in the area that provide moving services with affordable rates.

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Once the mattress has been moved, there are several options available to the consumer. One option is to allow the mattress to be folded and packed at home. A professional mattress mover can be hired to do this for the consumer. If a consumer does not have the time, patience, or desire to fold and pack the mattress prior to the move, they may want to consider hiring a truck mounted storage bed. This will allow the person to load the bed and remove it from the vehicle easily and safely.

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One other option for mattress moving is to purchase a mattress wrap. This is often used to protect delicate items during travel. The wrap works much like a large piece of carpet and can be tied around the mattress with strong tape. Before using a tape gun to remove the wrap, it is important to ensure that it is completely free of any springs, ties, or sharp edges that could damage the item.