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Pool Table Moving and Assembly is not something which you can do by yourself. It is always advisable to hire Pool Table Moving Company to do this job for you. This is because they have expert and skilled professionals who are very experienced in moving Pool Tables.

The reason why it is necessary to have moving services is that moving the pool table is not an easy thing to do and if you try to move it on your own then you may end up damaging it. When you are dealing with heavy, large, fragile and valuable things such as pool tables and pianos you need professional assistance. Not only will you reduce the chance of injuries and damages but also you will save a lot of money which you would have incurred if you had done the move by yourself. Pool table moving services are well equipped with all the latest and advanced tools and equipment so that they can move your pool table in a safe manner.

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Moving and assembling pool tables is a difficult process and requires expertise and proper skills. It is recommended that only professionals should handle the relocation. Professional Pool Table movers are well equipped with all the necessary and advanced tools and equipment to relocate a pool table with ease and in a safe manner. All you need to do is let the relocation company know about your pool table and specifications. They will then give you all the detailed information about the moving services.

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It is important that you get all the details about how to move a pool table so that you don’t face any complication later. First of all you need to know the type of pool table that you own and the dimensions so that the entire procedure becomes easier for you. Allot time to assess the whole area where the table is situated. The distance between the floor and the ceiling should be evaluated and you should determine whether you can disassemble the table in that distance or not. For instance, billiard tables with long necks will require more space than those with shorter necks.

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If you can’t decide the distance then you will need to rent a moving truck. Also, check out the rate of the professional pool table movers and the standard of their service. If you don’t want to go through disassembly and assembly then you can choose the disassembled option. You can simply pack your table in to a box and tie it with a rope. When renting a moving truck, use a company that offers this service at reasonable rates so that you don’t have to spend too much. This way you can save money and also get the maximum service from them.

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If the table is not moving freely then you can apply a level stick on the top surface. Apply the staple remover on both sides and then remove the staple remover after it is completely soaked in water. Now you can start removing the screws from the bottom of the table. Remove the nuts and bolts too. This is when you will need the socket wrench and the power drill.

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You should remove the staples from the bottom of the pool table and then remove the bottom piece first. Then remove the frame from its base and the legs from either end. Once you remove the frame you can either glue them back together with the staples or replace them with a new home based stapler. When applying the new stapling you should only glue the right side on or else you may have to re-staple again.

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After fixing the legs to the base and putting everything back together, you can take out the side pockets and put them in place. You may have to sand the edges a bit so that they fit well with the railings. This will also give you something to grab onto if you fall. Now you should go ahead and screw the rails together. Once they are screwed together you can then take off the nuts and bolts and put them aside. Then it is time to put the table top on and move your new pool table back into it’s spot in your yard.