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Mattress moving companies use special trucks to transport mattresses. The type of truck they have depends on how big your mattress is. Moving a mattress is not something that the average person can attempt. This is a delicate task that requires professional expertise.

A mattress moving bag is one that stands behind its name alone. It’s a big heavy plastic bag intended to safely place your mattress on. Mattresses are packed very tightly, but not too tightly that the spring inside breaks. Mattress moving bags must fit your mattress snugly. If this isn’t your first encounter with the phrase “mattress moving bag”, then you ought to know that mattress moving bags are usually made of thick, heavy-duty plastic and are designed to safely support all sizes of mattresses; including twin, full, king and queen sized mattresses. These heavy duty bags pack down your mattress so that it is secure, safe and comfortable when transported.

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One issue that some people encounter when they attempt to move a mattress by themselves is that they do not have the proper tools. Having a box of heavy-duty plastic totes can be helpful, but there’s nothing like being properly prepared before taking on the job of moving a mattress. First, one should have at least one or two large boxes that will accommodate the mattress; preferably several smaller ones, and possibly even a few extra mattresses. Then one should have some strong straps which will securely hold both the mattress and the excess padding to one’s truck or car.

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In addition to having the proper equipment, one should be adequately trained in how to move a mattress and should be aware of all of the precautions involved in moving a mattress and any other moving equipment. Many moving companies specialize in mattress moving, so if you are considering this as an option, it would be advisable to contact several movers and/or packing companies to obtain quotes and prices. Be sure to check references and ask for actual experiences with the company you are thinking of hiring. This can help to ensure that you hire a reputable moving company that will do a good job of moving your mattress.

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As far as types of moving gear, it is typically best to leave the mattress moving and packing to movers with the proper training, equipment and experience. Some packing tasks such as wrapping the mattress could be handled more effectively by individuals, however, because they may possess the skills needed to ensure the mattress is safe and completely protected. For example, some individuals have knowledge and experience in mattress wrapping. Therefore, if they decide to hire a packing and moving company, they may have a better understanding of how mattress wrapping is done.

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The average person may not be skilled enough or knowledgeable enough to pack and move mattresses. Therefore, there are numerous options available for moving and storing mattresses. A professional mattress removal company may provide the most convenient option and be able to move and store mattresses without any special equipment. They may also be able to move and store mattresses on a flatbed truck. Moving and storing mattresses on a flatbed truck can actually be cheaper than renting or purchasing a truck.

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On the other hand, individuals may choose to move and store their mattresses at their home. If an individual has the ability and skills, it may be possible to pack and move a mattress using flatbeds and moving supplies. However, individuals will need to purchase special mattress protector pads or insurance to protect the mattress and moving supplies against accidents, stains, burns, and water damage.

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One of the most important pieces of moving equipment that must be utilized is tape. People should take special care when moving a mattress because the tape may damage the bed if it is not properly wrapped or secured. It may also be necessary to use tape to wrap and secure an existing bed frame that does not have a mattress already attached. Individuals who do not have tape available for their move should request one from a moving supply company or a moving supply store.