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Experienced in senior moving and packing, professionals in senior moving and packing services. Senior moves can mean downsizing to a smaller house, making the move to a residential community or a smaller home. Senior moving and packing make sense for many elderly individuals and their families. This often means moving and packing can be time-consuming, frustrating and expensive. Senior moving and packing teams from skilled pros in moving and packing services will work hard with you to ensure that your senior move is a positive one.

Experienced and professional movers will come to your house to assess the condition of your home and belongings. Then they’ll create a detailed inventory plan for your home that includes an estimate for moving expenses. Once this work is complete, movers will contact your household for further information about moving arrangements. Most moving companies provide an estimate service on the day of your move. Contacting moving companies’ representative at least one week before the move date will help ensure that your move will be a smooth and pleasant experience.

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Your senior move manager may also recommend that you pack your belongings into storage, if it’s within your relocation timeframe. The move manager will assist you with any specific storage needs that you have, and he or she will assist you with selecting the appropriate sized boxes, crates, or bags for your belongings. The move manager will also make sure all of your removal requirements are met including, loading and unloading the truck, storing your belongings, and ensuring they are transported safely and securely to your new residence.

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If you choose to hire senior moving services for your assisted living or nursing home relocation, you’ll be working closely with your moving company. The moving company will take care of all packing and transporting of your personal belongings to your new home. However, you will likely be involved in some aspects of the move. For example, you may be expected to store items at your residence while the movers transport them. You will likely be responsible for loading and unloading the trucks, and you’ll need to have a key for your residence.

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Many seniors find that their first move is not easy, especially if they’re moving from an assisted living facility to a new residential community. Seniors who are moving do not have time to plan ahead for their move. It’s often difficult for them to determine how much they can move, where they will need to load their belongings, and how they will get to their new location after their moves. Fortunately, hiring experienced senior moving companies makes the entire senior move a much easier and stress-free experience.

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The right senior moving company will help you achieve your senior relocation goals. Many companies will create a moving checklist specifically for your needs. With this checklist, you’ll be able to tell what tasks you need to complete before your moving day. As well, you can give a detailed description of your moving needs, so that the company can create an accurate cost estimate.

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The majority of senior moving services provide a variety of services to make moving easier. Some will drive the trucks, load and unload belongings, and even deliver the items to your new residence. Other services include packing and loading, unpacking with lift-off shipping, and more. Some will even assist with daily or weekly maintenance to keep your home running smoothly. This ensures that your senior transition goes smoothly, and you can live comfortably in your new location.

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With many seniors choosing to live in assisted living facilities, it’s important that they know what their moving responsibilities entail. If you are a senior, or know of a senior in your life, talk to him or her about their move. Find out what their responsibilities are, and what they find exciting about the prospect of living in an assisted living facility. With a little help from you, your loved ones can move without stress and know that their Roanoke is still in tact.