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If you own a king or queen size bed, you might be dreading moving all of your mattresses. Mattresses are very heavy, they usually flop around and landing them on the floor are a real pain. However, moving a mattress does not need to be a disaster.

If you are moving your mattress from a rental property to a brand new home, you will probably want to load the bed with a mattress moving cart, which you should easily be able to locate with the help of your rental agency. The cart is used to move a mattress in a safe manner from the truck to the desired location. It comes with wheels that enable it to easily move along the floor.

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When you decide to move a mattress from one place to another, it’s important that you protect the mattress at all times. This ensures that the mattress will be protected during the long trip and you won’t incur any additional expenses by hiring movers for removing it from your current residence. If the mattress was delivered already in a damaged condition, wrapping it in a tarp or wrapping in an extra large plastic sheet could save you a lot of money and headache when trying to recover the mattress later. You also have the option of wrapping the mattress in sheets or blankets.

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When you decide to move a mattress by yourself, there are several tips that can help you with the move. One of these is to buy a good mattress packing kit that you can get at any department store. These mattress packing kits include everything that you need to move an old mattress to the new location: the mattress, bedding, box springs, mattress cover, and towels.

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Once you have packed your mattress, you will need to load it on the truck. Some moving supplies come with a dolly so that you don’t have to lift the entire mattress while loading it. Some trucks come equipped with an extender to help load larger mattresses. Before lifting the mattress, make sure that it is level and that there isn’t any padding that could cause the mattress to slip or slide down. Check all moving boxes for uneven support.

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The next step in moving your mattress is to unpack it. Unpack it according to the directions provided by the company that shipped the new mattress. This includes removing any of the packing materials that have been used on the mattress. Take note of any additional or loose items that you might have inadvertently removed. It’s always a good idea to double check the new location of all moving and unpacking materials.

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Once the mattress has been unpacked, all that remains is to secure it in the new location. Many movers specialize in mattress moving. If they are unable to perform the entire move on your behalf, many will provide assistance at the very beginning until the entire move is complete. You should ensure that the moving professionals that you contact are insured and bonded. This will help them protect your mattress during transport and while in the new home.

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When it comes to finding reputable movers to help you move a mattress by yourself, there are several things to look for. You can contact local Better Business Bureau to determine if the movers that you are considering hiring are licensed and bonded. Always make sure that the moving companies have emergency services available. Not having this service available will mean that your mattress could be damaged while in transit.