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Mattress Moving: If you’ve never encountered the phrase “moving a mattress”, then you must be new to the bedroom furniture business. Mattresses are an important part of our lives as we spend hours every day sleeping. Not only that, but we also create a bed out of these pieces of bedroom furniture every single day. And when it comes to moving them, we take our time and make sure we do it right! Here are some tips on how to move a mattress and some other moving ideas for the bedroom furniture…

Mattress Bag: A mattress moving bag is one that stands up to its name. It’s a heavy plastic moving bag with wheels that allows for easy transport of your mattress from one room to another. In addition to the weight, it will protect your mattress from scratches, from movement and from dampness/water damage. Mattresses are not something you just set out in the living room or bedroom to move. They’re heavy, expensive pieces of bedroom furniture and deserve the proper care they deserve when moving house. If this isn’t your first time dealing with the words moving mattress bag, then you ought to know that mattress moving bags come with padded compartments for your pillows, a washing basket for delicate items, a sturdy carrying handle, a zippered pocket for folded mattresses and numerous other features to make moving mattresses easy and safe.

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Mattress Bags: Moving companies usually offer mattress moving services. They’ll have their own trucks to carry your mattress and any other household items as well. The mattress bags you get in the moving company should be durable enough to withstand the rigors of moving your entire house, but light enough for your own household items to move with on their own (including all those heavy, fluffy things!). Mattress bags by the moving company should also come equipped with wheels to make the whole process quicker and safer. Just like any other moving products, mattress bags should be easy to transport, easy to assemble, and quick to disassemble after use.

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Rope Mattress Pouch: You may think this a little dandy, but this is actually a really great idea for a move since it makes transporting a mattress easier and safer. Basically, ratchet straps are the ropes that secure your mattress to the bed frame. All movers will provide one or two of these, but some specialize in having more on hand. ratchet straps should be attached to the bed and mattress securely. Then all you need to do is lift the mattress and remove it from the frame.

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Lifting mattresses: It might sound a little dandy, but for some people it’s a lot easier to lift a bed that’s been delivered on the back of a truck than it is to roll it on to the bed of the truck. This makes it easier for movers to put the mattresses up on a flatbed truck without worrying about them rolling or tumbling. Be sure that your mattress has been put up on a flatbed before you take it on your truck so that it will be level and not knock into the sides or end of the bed. You’ll also want to consider that mattresses will be much higher off the ground when they are rolled than they will be when lifted, so be prepared for some extra room for the move as well.

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New Mattress Moving Kits: These moving kits come complete with everything that you need to move a mattress: the mattress, rope or ratchet straps, new bedding, plywood sheet and towels, and packing materials to wrap everything in. Everything that goes into these kits is specifically designed to safely move a mattress without damaging it, and to ensure that it comes out looking as good as new when the move is completed. It takes a trained professional to install these moving kits, so if you’re not familiar with moving things around, it’s best to hire someone who’s done it before. Even if you aren’t good at it, these moving mattress moving kits can usually be installed in just a few hours, making them very easy to move.

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Folding Mattress Moving: Another option is to use a forklift truck to move your mattress on top of your truck. This will save you both time and money and can really simplify the move. A pickup truck with a bed to carry your folded mattress is all you need to complete this move, and since most trucks have enough room to handle one, you won’t spend hours trying to fit your folded mattress into the back of the truck. Just make sure that you have plenty of space to maneuver the truck and the mattress on top of the truck without creating any problems.

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Tape Moving Kits: If you don’t want to spend the money on using a pick-up truck to move your mattress, consider using a flatbed trailer to do it instead. There are flatbed trailers available that actually fold flat and will only need you to tape down the four corners of the trailer so that it can be used as a portable mattress moving device. The only tools you’ll need to move this type of equipment is tape, and you can cut the tape to fit the same dimensions as your pickup truck bed. This method is much less expensive than hiring a moving company, and you can also take advantage of the portability that folding trailers offer.