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What is Full-service Furniture Delivery? It means that a large moving truck will come to your house and load/unload/assemble all the furniture, then set it up in your new room exactly where you wish it. Full-service moving service is usually done only once before you are settled with the interior appearance of your new room. So, it is necessary to book some time prior to your move in order to get Full-service Furniture Delivery.

How To Go About It: According to Bob Arsenault, owner of Arsenault International, “I recommend that you call the movers ASAP because they are the experts. I know for a fact that calling the movers when your furniture is delivered can save you money. The prices are competitive and you can even save with the weekend delivery option if you need it.” According to Shony Mordehay, owner of Ideal Moving & Storage, “Even with the cheapest delivery option, our trucks are met with an enthusiastic smile from every customer. If that doesn’t say everything, it at least says that a full-service moving is working for our clients.”

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Why You Need It: Because a full-service delivery of furniture involves more than just loading and unloading the furniture. Once the furniture delivery man arrives to carry your things, he’ll usually hold the items until you have had a chance to unpack them. Then he’ll pack them into boxes that he carries. It’s typical for Full-service moving vans to be double door openers. This is for added protection against cold, heat and rain.

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How It Works: Once the furniture arrives, the movers start assembling what you requested. If you’re interested in having the furniture quickly assembled and ready to go, it’s recommended that they use a full-service moving company. This way they can deliver the furniture as fast as possible and still fit all of your items in the allotted space. Some Full-service moving companies have two-hour delivery windows. That’s enough time for assembly for one night, and then a drive to the truck lot the next day.

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When the furniture arrives, it may already be assembled. A good Full-Service moving company will do this as part of the delivery. If they don’t, ask what time the furniture will be delivered so you can be prepared for it when it arrives. Some couriers deliver the furniture partially assembled – that is, partially assembled – so you’ll know ahead of time if the assembly needs to be done or not. And some couriers have the facility to include smaller items that can’t be assembled into furniture like chandeliers and rugs.

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What You Can Expect: In order to save money and time, expect your furniture to be delivered on the same day it was packed. This has been common for many years; in fact, many companies choose July as their delivery date in order to meet the high demands for boxes during this busy season. Other companies choose to deliver in late May, mid-June or early July. If you want the furniture to be delivered on time, don’t select a move date that’s right around the big Move. Moving can be a stressful event, and there’s nothing worse than being stuck in traffic during the few days leading up to the move.

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Full-service moving companies will provide a white glove service. This means they’ll assist in packing and unpacking your belongings. This is extremely helpful if you have fragile items that require special handling. Many people choose a full-service company over a local one simply because they don’t want to deal with the hassle of arranging additional help, which can make a move a little less fun.

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If you have items that need assembly after delivery, look for a furniture company that offers this option. While some deliveries do come with assembly, they may not be available for all items. If you need your furniture to be delivered in the same condition it was packed, look for a company that offers this option so you can be sure it’ll be delivered as good as new.