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Piano moving might conjure up thoughts of big strong men with huge torsos and powerful arms, but in reality only two people of average physical build are capable of doing most piano moving tasks even if they’ve got a bit of an accent, a few tools, a strong back, and the knowledge of when and where to use a bit of force. If you’re considering moving your piano to a new home, there are several ways in which you can minimize your risks. And whether you move it yourself or hire local piano movers, there are some things you should remember to make sure that you don’t damage the instrument in any way. Here’s how to move a piano.

One of the major dangers involved in moving an upright piano is the sheer weight of the instrument. If you’re not particularly experienced at piano moving, or haven’t been trained to move an upright piano, you could find yourself completely lose as the mass of the instrument tips the balance of your vehicle and sends you careening off the side of the road. This is why you should only choose local, professional piano mover services for long-distance moves. Upright pianos are relatively light, but they still require a lot of sturdy work to move. It might be easier to move one upright piano by yourself, but you should never attempt to move more than one upright at a time, especially if you have a long distance to go. If you damage your piano beyond repair, you could find yourself in serious trouble with your insurance company, so it’s definitely better to get professionals involved who know how to move a piano safely and professionally.

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Another issue involved with moving acoustic pianos is damage to the internal gears and workings. Acoustic pianos are incredibly delicate pieces of equipment. They might be heavy, hardy, or they might even have intricate mechanisms that require precision to work. These mechanisms are extremely susceptible to damage from vibration, heat, and dust, which are something you can absolutely avoid if you hire experienced piano movers to move your piece. It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving your grand piano, a concert piano, or a home piano; local movers can take care of all of these issues for you, leaving you with just the benefits of a beautiful new instrument. There are two kinds of acoustic pianos: upright and cylinder.

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Upright pianos (also sometimes called upright keyboards) are the easiest to move because they have no insulating walls and their woodwork isn’t totally safe from vibration. However, they are also some of the most difficult to move because their weight tends to dominate the weight of the entire machine and they need to be carefully handled to prevent damaging them. On the other hand, cylinder pianos tend to be more durable than upright ones, but they are still susceptible to damage from moisture and shaking, so it’s best to avoid them altogether. The good news is that both cylinder and upright models can easily be moved by professionals who have taken the time to tune them properly. Even if you get an expert to move it for you, there’s still a lot you can do to minimize the impact on your instrument.

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You’ll need to protect your piano in various ways if you’re planning to move it yourself. The first is a dolly, which is a simple four-wheeled dolly with an extended handle. It allows you to safely stand on your instrument and to move it around. Another method is to use a stair stepper, which is a small lift truck that comes with four wheels and a platform on the back that allow you to slide underneath the piano as you go up and down. Using either method will protect your instrument and your hands.

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Before going about moving your piano, you’ll need to decide how you plan to go about it. Some people choose to use consolidated freight services, which are available from a number of moving companies across North America. Consolidated freight services will allow you to pay them a one-time fee and move your piano without worrying about tight spaces and other obstacles. If you do this, make sure that the company you choose has experience moving pianos and knows how to solve any problems that might come up.

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You’ll also want to consider how you plan to tune your piano before you move it. Many pianos require a professional tune before they’re suitable to be moved, so make sure you do this well in advance. If you’re unsure about whether or not you should tune the piano yourself, call your piano dealer or piano instructor for advice. In some cases, it’s better to have your instrument tuned professionally rather than trusting your own skills, but in other cases it may be worth it to tune the piano yourself. Either way, it’s important to do this as soon as possible so that you don’t risk damaging it while trying to move it.

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The final consideration is packing your upright piano. When moving long-distance, it’s best to transport it in its original case, so that you can protect it from shock and vibration. In most cases, you’ll also need to purchase special padded shipping boxes just for transporting an upright piano. Keep in mind that even though piano movers can help you pack your upright piano, they usually have their own equipment to do this, so be sure to ask if you have any special needs. Piano movers will have expert knowledge of what types of materials are best suited for moving long-distance, so don’t hesitate to ask about what you should use.