Labor Moves Dallas Texas

Consider using our professional packing services which provide convenience, peace of mind and can help alleviate the pressures of other obligations that accompany the moving process. Whether we pack the entire house or help with just a few items, our professional methods will save time, materials, space and will also minimize any possibility of damage during transit.

During the on-site visit, our estimator will leave you with an accurate count of boxes and materials needed along with the cost for whichever level of service you prefer.

We are also happy to offer tips and advice for packing yourself which may be more economical. We offer a full range of boxes and free delivery of materials, with a full refund provided for the return of unused products.


We recommend adding full packing services to your move. Full packing service provides the safety and peace of mind knowing that your entire house is packed by professionals. The only preparation you need for your move is to open the door on the day of the pickup when our movers arrive. However if you choose to pack on your own, here are some tips on packing.


Pack one room at a time.
Mark all cartons with room and box number. Enter this information on your log. When all boxes are packed enter total number of boxes.
Be sure that the box size is appropriate to the weight of the items. The heavier the item, the smaller the box should be, (i.e. books would go into a smaller box than towels).
Pack heavier items toward the bottom of a larger box, lighter items on top. Try not to exceed 50 pounds per box.
Use crumpled paper in between layers of breakable items.
*Mark all boxes with breakables as FRAGILE.


Line bottom of medium size boxes with crumpled paper.
Wrap and stack individual pieces. Do not skimp on the paper. Paper absorbs vibrations and lessens breakage.
Packing of Glassware/Cups; purchase boxes specifically used for packing glassware.
Stuff glasses and stemware with paper and roll each glass with packing paper, tuck in, and stack upright. Do not stack glasses on their side.


Paintings and artwork require special care. Do not use newsprint to wrap artwork. Use clean packing paper or tissue, and place in cartons.
All bureau drawers have to be empty to prevent damage and protect the safety of the moving crew due to weight..
Pack electronics in original cartons, if possible. Otherwise, wrap with blankets and place in padded or lined carton.
Wrap cords and wiring separately and label cords to facilitate hook-up in your new location.
Computer manufacturers recommend parking your hard drive before moving your mother board.
Pack lamps, remove bulbs, shades, harps and finials.
Place tape across large mirrors to secure glass in case of breakage. Wrap and pack upright in carton.
Plants and Animals cannot be transported in interstate moves- check with your mover if they have permits if they claim they can transport them.
*Do not pack flammable or combustible items. Changes in temperature can cause these items to leak or explode.