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Refrigerator moving is a very common event. Most homes have at least one refrigerator and most of those homes have more than one. Refrigerators are used to keep food fresh while it sits on the counter. A refrigerator moving company can make the move much easier on you.

If you are unsure how to move a refrigerator you should call your home depot store for suggestions. A representative will be able to tell you what appliances you need to transport and how to properly do so. Refrigerator Mover experts will have specific guidelines in order to safely transport the unit. Refrigerator Moving companies also have specific dolly recommendations in order to safely place your appliances onto the dolly.

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Before the movers arrive, you will need to remove all ice from the refrigerator. Refrigerator Moving Company experts suggest that you should remove the ice two hours before moving day. In doing so, no food or liquids can freeze. You should also empty out all beverage containers. Leaving any of these items on the moving truck could cause the truck to tip over. Once the ice has been removed you should put it in the refrigerator inside the new location.

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The next step in how to move a refrigerator is loading it into the moving container. All of the large doors on the appliance should be opened. Refrigerator moving companies recommend that the doors to be held open by a lever or simply remain open. The movers will be able to guide you through this process.

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Once the refrigerator is loaded into the moving container it should be laid on its side with the doors closed. Refrigerator Moving Company experts suggest that heavy furniture sliders should be wheeled under the appliances to protect them from damage during the move. The sliders should extend the full length of the house move. If the house move includes hallway moves the sliding should be further back to prevent damage to the flooring.

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Other than floor protection, another safety tips for moving fridges is to keep the Oak Leafrature of the refrigerator low. Refrigerator cooling systems must be kept at a constant Oak Leafrature. Loosely closed door fridges should be kept in an upright position. This helps prevent damage to the interior of the fridge. You should also tightly close all drawers and freezer doors.

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One of the most important moving tips for fridges involves the use of baking soda. A large percentage of fridges will suffer a severe baking soda reaction when they are moved. The reaction occurs when the baking soda solidifies and creates condensation in the moving fridge door. This is easily prevented by spraying the interior of the fridge door with a can of condensed baking soda before it is opened. You should also avoid touching the interior surfaces of the door or trying to pry it open while it is in motion. Your hands can easily become dirtied from the soda residue.

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The compressor should also be carefully considered when moving refrigerator upright. Many upright refrigerators have a drawer styled like a chest. These types of fridges can be easily left standing on their own, but should not be carried unless they are securely mounted on a dolly. The dolly should be securely fastened to a sturdy table or cabinet. Make sure that the dolly does not move during the move, and that there is a good supply of space around the dolly to avoid falling objects from becoming caught in the moving parts.