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If you have a gun safe that you use while hunting, protecting it during transport or storing it for some personal reason, it’s very important to know how to move a gun safe safely. A gun safe can be as simple as a briefcase attached to your waistband or it can be as elaborate as a multi-level, lockable vault designed specifically for guns. It is vital that you adhere to any and all safety procedures in order to minimize the likelihood of harm coming to your gun. Failure to follow proper procedures can result in injury or even death. Here are some moving tips you should follow when moving a gun safe.

Many people fail to realize that if they have a safe, they should use the stairs when moving it. Gun safes come equipped with locks that can be opened by a key, so unless you plan on spending the money to install an additional lock while moving your safes, it makes sense to follow any and all recommendations offered by the moving company. The standard price range for moving a safed gun safely range from $ 175 to $ 525.

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The most important gun safe moving tips involve not taking any kind of shortcuts when moving your gun. Regardless of how long you’ve owned your firearm, it is imperative that you use the stairs when taking it down from the vehicle to the curb. In addition, it is crucial to never break open the safe while it is being moved. If anything were to happen that would cause the gun to fly out of your hand, you risk injuring yourself or others.

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Moving a gun safe isn’t as easy as grabbing the handle and pulling it down the stairs. For one thing, it is important to get the weight of the gun safe and its contents through the floor. A heavy-duty gun safe will typically need to be lifted with two hands and held over the top of the stairwell. Moving it down isn’t always possible, so it’s important to make sure you have someone in the car who has the proper equipment to move the gun safe safely and securely. Make sure the person in the car is fully aware of all the gun safe moving tips and that he or she is comfortable moving the heavy-duty gun safe by himself or herself. This will help avoid any injuries if the safe was to fall down and severely hurt someone.

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Depending on how fast you want to complete the move, some mover companies can offer equipment that can be used during the entire moving process. Some of the tools available include: dollies, ropes, a forklift and a large truck. Having a combination of these tools on hand is a good idea, so all mover companies should be able to provide you with this equipment during your visit. However, depending on how fast the movers are going, you may need additional equipment to help you with the moving process. Before you select a movers, ask them about what they would recommend for your particular needs.

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Moving a gun safe requires precision, so only use a company that has ample experience in the field. For instance, gun safe companies are experts when it comes to wall and floor gun safes, but not so much with countertop gun safes. It’s important that gun safe companies have experience with both types because they may know exactly how to install the safe, where it should be mounted and how to move it safely throughout your home. Moving a gun safe is complicated and requires special tools, so don’t hire just anyone. Do some research before you hire a gun safe moving company to make sure they have plenty of experience moving gun safes.

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The most common type of gun safe moving companies offer standard delivery. This means that the furniture manufacturer offers the furniture, and the moving company does the actual move. While this is convenient for many people, it can sometimes be less safe. Standard delivery allows for damage to the furniture during the move, and if damage occurs, there isn’t usually any way to re-shape or repair it. If you are moving a very large piece of furniture, especially one that is heavy, standard delivery can allow the entire piece to be damaged during transit which could create additional costs and complications.

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If you need to move your gun safe, you should find a reputable company that has experience moving gun safes. You should also make sure that the company uses high quality equipment so that your guns are protected at all times. For additional information on safe gun movers, contact the manufacturer directly. They offer a toll free moving advice number where you can speak to a trained professional to get answers to all of your questions.