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Moving a refrigerator is no joke at all. It takes a lot of expertise and skill to maneuver a large and heavy refrigerator all over your place. Refrigerators are made of cooling and heating compartments and taking them out from the location where they are placed requires immense skills to ensure that the entire process goes smoothly. The most common problems associated with moving refrigerators are; knocking down walls, banging doors, getting stuck at the door ways or getting stuck up the stairs. To avoid all these complications, it is advisable to let the experts do their job and get your refrigerator moved on your behalf.

The very first and foremost step that is advised to be followed in moving an appliance like a refrigerator is to locate the exact spot from where the appliance is sitting. Moving a refrigerator is like taking apart of an entire building just to make way for a new one. A fridge will need to be carefully examined while sitting on the ground or on a shelf or cabinet. Once you are able to locate the exact spot from where your appliance is, mark that particular area on your refrigerator and after that start off by loosening all the screws from that particular spot. Then move the appliance slowly and steadily towards the safe zone.

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Before moving a refrigerator, it is better to prepare all the protective blankets as well as wrapping materials. It is important to secure them properly so that nothing gets damaged in the process. Moving a refrigerator involves lots of skills, therefore, it is better to hire professional movers. You can also contact the local movers for assistance. A lot of companies offer services of moving refrigerators and other appliances like dishwashers on rent for the times when you are not available.

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Refrigerator moving does involve some complexities and therefore, it is better to hire a company of experts. Moving a refrigerator entails a lot of things, which include disassembling, securing, transporting, securing and relocating. A small refrigerator consists of two parts, namely, the freezer and the cooling system. The cooling system includes the compressor, condenser and the expansion valve. For the moving process, you should ensure that you have all these parts in proper working condition.

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The first thing that you have to do when you want to know how to move a refrigerator is to secure all the parts. One of the important things that should be secured before moving any appliance is the air conditioning unit. The moving movers use powerful suction to remove all the air from the inside and then remove the air conditioner. Now while securing this, they use heavy duty cable and pulley systems. In order to protect these items from damage due to vibration or shock, one has to wrap them with a large plastic tarp.

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The second thing that has to be done is to secure all the fragile appliances. In this regard, the refrigerators should be lifted with the help of strong arms, or else you have to make sure that they are firmly fastened. Before lifting them, you have to make sure that they are level and you can determine this by placing the refrigerator on top of a table. Thereafter, the movers will lift them with the use of long rods. After lifting them, you have to make sure that the refrigerator movers make sure that all the doors, hinges and locks are secure and locked.

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The next step involves the unloading of the refrigerator. At this stage, the movers will place the upright fridge on top of the upright compressor. You can find out whether the appliances need to be unloaded by testing them before the movers start with the actual process. In case, if some appliances do not support, then they can be unloaded using the forklift. The fridge is then raised by using hydraulic cylinders, and after this the air is released from the cavity.

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Once the refrigerator has been unloaded, you have to place the foam cutting board on top of the cavity and seal it well with the help of packing tape. This will help in preventing the leakages of any air and moisture, which will damage the appliance further. It is important to apply the packing adhesive on the foam board as it will help in keeping the edges of the appliance intact, and the foam cutting board will also act as a cushion. Once the packing is done, you have to place the refrigerator on the floor, and then remove the ratchet straps holding the appliance upright, and this will allow you to raise the appliance easily with the help of hydraulic cylinders.