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Moving a hot tub is easy but it does require some amount of planning. All material and supplies need to be transported and stored securely. Hot tubs are usually quite heavy and even if you use a forklift to move it you’ll have to leave the spa behind. If you are moving it by yourself you will need to use a forklift. It’s best to let a professional mover to transport your hot tub because if you don’t they could damage your spa.

The cost of moving a hot tub from place to place by professional movers vary from 200 to 400 Dollars. When you add in additional costs like labor expense, distance, time, packing, and other factors such as elevators, hills, etc., all can add up to these expenses well over $1000 quite quickly. So, if you don’t have the budget for this move, here are some simple tips to help you with packing for a moving company.

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Hot Tub Moving and Packing – Start by setting up a meeting with your moving company. Explain them what you want to do. They can help you plan how to get your spa to your new home safely and securely. In the mean time, use your best judgment in terms of packing. Here are some general guidelines that should keep you safe and sound when packing for a moving company.

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o Decide whether to use heavy duty plastic, aluminum or wooden deck boxes. Boxes that are too heavy can cause damage to your spa. On the other hand, plastic and aluminum ones provide the most protection for hot tubs.

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o Choose the best, strongest hinges. For example, there are moving company operators who would suggest using “washer hinge handles,” which provide extra support. Choose hinges that are strong enough to move and load your hot tubs. Avoid moving company operators who encourage you to pack your tub’s “just like a box of chocolates.” The stronger the hinges, the less likely they will damage your spa, as long as you pack it carefully.

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o Secure all of your homeowner’s insurance policies. Many homeowners overlook this step, but improper securing of homeowner insurance policies can put you in a very dangerous position. Many moving companies offer a free quote on home insurance policies. But, if you have not secured your coverage, it is possible that you could be liable for damages done to your property during the move.

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o Make sure you’ve contacted your insurance company. Even if your homeowner’s insurance policies cover at least some of the costs of the hot tub moving, there might be additional coverage that you need. Talk with your insurance company to find out what kind of coverage you’re really covered for. If you find out you don’t have enough coverage, contact a local mover companies and ask them what kind of coverage they recommend. It’s important to always be proactive.

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Moving day is finally here. But it won’t be easy. Moving a hot tub is much larger and more complex than just loading it into a truck and driving it across the country. Be prepared by getting as many tips and hints as you can from friends and family. Talk with the movers you’ve chosen about safety measures to make moving hot tubs a breeze. And most importantly, enjoy your new home!