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If you have a gun safe in your home or place of business, one of the most important tasks before you take on the job of moving it is to ensure it is safely transferred to your new location. Knowing how to move a gun safe properly and safely takes more than just common sense, it involves the use of specialized equipment and techniques that are geared to ensuring the safe’s safe transfer. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you consult with a professional moving company before attempting any moves of these types of safes. Always remember, proper technique and knowledge of what is needed to successfully move a gun safe is paramount to being successful.

Correctly Moving A Gun Safe While there s no right or wrong way to move any type of safe, there is a right way and wrong way to move an electronic gun safe. The safe must be carefully and securely rolled on its side to avoid damaging its internal components, which includes the base of the safe and any delicate locks or mechanisms that may be at work inside. The safest way to properly move the safe is to carefully position it on a flat surface while leaning it with one leg on each side of the safe while keeping the other leg at a 90-degree angle to the ground. This allows the safe to be easily and safely moved over bumpy or uneven surfaces as well.

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Never attempt any moving of these safes on your own as improper movement can cause damage not only to your firearm but also create additional risks of firearm misuse. It is also highly recommended that any individual who plans to attempt any type of move of these types of safes should be thoroughly familiar with the proper procedures of safely doing so. Any professional moving company will have staff on board that are very familiar with safely moving these types of devices and will be happy and willing to assist you with any questions that you may have. Moving safes by yourself can be extremely dangerous and should never be attempted.

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Proper Loading and Unloading A heavy-duty gun safe is designed to withstand years of use without requiring any special handling or loading or unloading practices. For this reason, it is important to adhere to proper loading and unloading practices to ensure that all ammunition is accounted for before any move of the safe occurs. Before any move of the safe, ensure that all ammunition is completely accounted for and accessible. In addition, ensure that the safe is empty before moving any ammunition out of the firearm.

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Stairs Are an Easy Access Way to Move a Gun Safe Most gun owners find it relatively easy to maneuver between floors or up and down stairs when taking their guns with them onsite. However, for high-impact moves involving several flights of stairs, it may be necessary to hire professional assistance to accomplish the move. This type of move may include elevators, ramps or other moving equipment that would make it unsafe for a single person to try to complete the task alone. Therefore, while it may be simple to go up and down the stairs when transporting firearms, it is essential to know how to move a gun safe safely between floors and down stairways. If the gun is being transported via stairs, ensure that the safe is secured in place and that no one except the safe’s owner is within reach.

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Insurance is a Viable Option When Moving Guns Using a Moving Truck Most professional moving teams offer insurance on moving trucks used to transport guns, which provides coverage should damage occur to the gun safe while in transit. However, in many cases, the vehicle insurance offered by the moving truck company will not cover any damage caused to your firearm during the move. So, if the gun is being moved via the truck’s owner’s vehicle, ensure that he or she has added additional insurance to cover damages incurred during the move. Contact your insurance provider to determine whether or not your vehicle is covered under their policy, and then check with your gun safe moving company to see what options are available to you.

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Know the Law Moving guns can be dangerous, so it is important to know the local laws surrounding the transportation of firearms when choosing how to move a gun safe between floors in a multi-story building. It is important that licensed movers use their expertise and professionalism to handle the move, and that they follow all local ordinances. In some cases, there are strict laws regarding the transport of handguns, so it is recommended that movers move the gun safely and securely utilizing certified moving professionals. In addition to following local laws, it may be prudent to contact your own city hall to inquire about restrictions on the transport of firearms in the area.

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Ask the Movers for Their Advice If you are uncertain about how to move a gun safe, or how to safely transport one, then it is recommended that you contact a professional licensed moving company for their advice and assistance. The majority of experienced moving companies are members of the Professional Mover Association (PMA), which makes it easy to find a local moving company in your area. A representative will make sure that your gun is moved securely and according to local laws. They will also make sure that all your personal items are transported in tact, and that they do not have any unforeseen issues associated with their transportation after the move.