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Piano moving requires skills, attention to detail, and patience. Long distance piano movers will need to be prepared for the long haul. Piano canines are delicate and need special care while they are being moved long distances. The following information will give you tips on how to move the piano and local piano movers that can help move your piano or two.

For this brief article I’m going to cover how to move a baby grand piano. Baby grand pianos are the largest and most expensive type of pianos in use today. The average long distance piano moving price is around eighty dollars for a single move, including all parts. The local piano mover will quote you around seventy-five to one hundred dollars for moving a baby grand piano, depending on the distance, how heavy it is, and what type of moving materials they use.

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There are several local movers that specialize in moving acoustic pianos. Contact your local piano mover to find out which companies they trust and recommend. You can also check the yellow pages or ask friends and family for local piano moving companies that they trust. Ask the local move company how many acoustic pianos they have handled and what the moving process looks like. Find out what insurance they carry and how much experience they have in moving acoustic pianos.

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How much can you expect your piano moving costs to be? You should expect to pay at least one hundred fifty dollars for each move. For larger moves there are other costs that you may encounter such as; transporting instruments to the site, loading and unloading, and insurance. If you’re just hiring professional piano movers, you will only need to pay around fifty dollars for each move.

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Can you move your piano by yourself? The answer to this question depends on how far you are trying to move it and how safe you think it would be for you to move it on your own. If you are very careful and you don’t place any fragile items inside of a moving box than you shouldn’t have too much to worry about. But moving a piano by yourself can be difficult. Professional piano movers will know how to move a piano safely and how to do it in a timely manner without putting yourself in danger.

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How long does it take to load a piano on a moving truck? Depending on the distance you have to travel and how heavy it is, it could take up to two hours. The longer it takes the more expensive the price will be. In addition, a piano can be very heavy when full. So, it is important that you ask the moving company how long it will take to move your piano from one floor to another once the upright piano has been unloaded and placed inside of a moving truck.

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Does a moving vehicle have an actual foundation on the ground? It is very common that if a piano is being moved long distance, that it will have a concrete foundation that will support it. However, most moving vehicle only have a wooden board or plywood on the floor that is there to act as a base to help keep the weight of the piano off of the floor and into the truck. However, most solid four-wheeled dollies are designed with a hardwood platform that is capable of holding upright pianos safely.

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Will the movers use stairs in order to help move my piano? Most professional piano movers understand that stairs are often times very slippery and can be quite dangerous if they are not used properly. In addition, most of the stairs are not wide enough to safely accommodate a piano. Stairs are often times parts of the house that just need to be taken down and then placed back where they belong. Professional piano movers will also invest time in explaining to you how to use the stairs so that you do not hurt yourself and are able to safely perform the job.