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Pool Table Moving companies are very popular nowadays. People who have pools in their backyards usually hire them to transport the table and other heavy furniture from one place to another. Big families also hire them to move some of their belongings after they got a new home. There are a lot of Pool Table Moving companies around and finding one that can provide quality service at reasonable prices is not a problem anymore. In order to know how to move a pool table safely and easily, below is a small guide.

Before you start to move, find out what kind of services the moving company offers. Most professional pool table movers offer both long distance moving and short distance moving. It is a good idea to inquire whether the moving company offers free quotes and estimates. A reputable company will give you an estimate of their hourly rate on the day of the service. If you can, try to negotiate with them and find out whether the rate offered includes the transport of the heavy furniture or not.

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It is also important to ask the moving company about their track record. It is better to hire a moving company that has many positive reviews compared to one that has several negative feedbacks. Moving companies that are experienced and have many satisfied customers would probably have fewer problems in moving household items. Therefore, if you want to know how to move a pool table securely and easily, it is advisable that you hire the best moving services.

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Moving services that have years of experience in this field are likely to make sure that all household items are transported safely. The most common reason for households to choose professional movers to move their tables is that they want to avoid the hassles involved in doing it themselves. It is true that most of them would relish the idea of not having to exert much effort and time in order to move it. But, the family would be better off hiring pool table movers to make sure that everything goes smoothly and effortlessly.

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For instance, it is important to remember that it is more convenient to hire professional pool table moving company rather than doing the move by yourself. This is because professionals have the appropriate equipment to do various types of table moves. Pool table movers will have special equipment to move round stairs. Therefore, if stairs are a major problem in your move, you should hire them to do the job.

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The next important thing that you should know is how much moving charges usually vary. Although some movers offer free quotes and estimates, you might find that they charge you more or less according to certain parameters. The moving company that you choose to hire will be charging you based on various factors. You can ask for a free quote to know the approximate price that you will have to pay. Moving companies normally have their moving estimate offered on their website. Hence, you can browse through their website and compare the price quotes offered by different pool table movers.

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The third thing that you should know when you want to know how to move a pool table across the floor is the use of power drills. The moving company will have to borrow a power drill to move the table across the ground using a dolly. However, the dolly is not advisable to use as they can easily get damaged if they are used carelessly. So, before you hire the service provider, ask them to use the power drill on their own so that you don’t have to worry about any damage occurring. Furthermore, it will help you save a lot of money if you ask them to only use the power drill on the spot rather than waiting for it to be transported and positioned on the ground.

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The fourth thing that you should know when you want to know how to move a pool table across the ground is the use of poles. You need to make sure that the distance between the poles is at least three feet. This will ensure that you don’t fall while you are in the moving process. Moreover, the height should be such that it won’t compromise your balance while you are walking. Make sure that you ask the moving company to use poles that are at least twelve inches apart in order to make sure that you will be able to walk safely while carrying the table on your shoulders.