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Junk removal services come in a variety of sizes and packages. A small local business that specializes in mattress removal may not be able to handle large jobs, like moving entire apartment complexes or offices. Smaller companies that have smaller equipment and fewer employees may be able to move larger loads with fewer headaches. Either way, it’s wise to think about what kind of service you want before deciding on a company to remove your junk.

Smaller businesses typically get one to two trucks to haul away your household goods-and large appliances, especially computers and telephones. When you choose a moving company, find out if they have the ability to haul your entire home. You’ll need to have the rest of your home prepared to get hauled, including refrigerators, couches, mattresses and other large pieces. Junk removal services take the matter of getting the rest of your home ready for moving out completely into their own hands.

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For large jobs, large industrial “junk trucks” are used. You might find that one truck is too small to get rid of junk on your own, but there are companies that specialize in hauling large amounts of garbage. In most cases, moving companies have several trucks, and this is the best way to get rid of junk altogether. This option is also good if you’re trying to get rid of junk on your own, as it can be very difficult to move even small quantities of garbage on your own. Moving a large amount of your own stuff over long distances is almost impossible without professional help.

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If you don’t have a truck or don’t want to invest in one, then there are other methods of junk removal available. One of the most popular ways of getting rid of unwanted clutter in a large home or building is recycling. You can either recycle the items yourself, or have a professional recycle such items for you. Most people will be happy to recycle their old books and clothing as long as they are able to make the necessary changes in order to make them useful again. If you are going to try to recycle clothes, you will need to buy the appropriate equipment for recycling clothing in order to be effective. Some recycling programs accept any kind of clothing, as long as it can be converted into something else.

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The other method of getting rid of unwanted clutter is through “dumping and cleanouts.” There are many different kinds of dumpsters and cleanouts available, which make this method of junk removal very popular. Basically, there are two different types of dumpster: residential and commercial. A residential dumpster is used for everyday trash, while a commercial dumpster is used for large industrial trash. You can either have a residential dumpster delivered or call around to various companies in order to find out if the dumpster you need is available.

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If you do decide to get rid of some of your own items by having a residential dumpster delivered, it is important to make sure that you have recycling containers available for pickup. Often times, junk removal companies only offer these services if you offer to pick up your trash. This way, the junk removal company can be sure that everything you get rid of is properly recycled. Not only is this good for the environment, but it is also a very convenient way to go about getting rid of the trash.

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For some large residential or commercial projects, you may want to consider hiring a professional junk removal service. Instead of choosing to clean out your own garage and attic, hiring a junk removal service will allow you to have your trash picked up on a date that works best for you. If you are interested in having your yard picked up on a date that is convenient for you, talk to your junk removal service about having your vehicles removed prior to the date you choose. This will help you ensure that you can have your property completely clean and free of trash the day you have scheduled for it.

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Junk removal companies are also great for taking care of large items like furniture or appliances. The larger the item, the more time it will take for a truck to come to pick it up. Having your items picked up by a junk removal company will give you time to organize the items, unload them properly, load them back onto the truck and then return them to your place of business. Rather than spending time trying to get rid of your bulky junk on your own, you can simply hire a junk removal company to take care of everything for you.