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Refrigerator Moving is an inevitable reality for many people moving into a new home or just moved from their old home. A refrigerator is one of the largest and most used appliances in the home and moving it can cause quite a headache for some people. Whether it is being moved from the garage to the basement or from a bedroom in the kitchen to the main floor of the home, refrigerators need to be carefully considered. Here are some guidelines to follow when moving a refrigerator.

The first consideration in refrigerator moving should be if you want to attempt to defrost it yourself. In order to try this process you will need a few basic items. A baking soda container, a small flashlight and a pair of gloves. If you plan on trying to defrost it yourself then you will need to consider if you have enough power in your electric meter and how long you will be able to wait before it needs to be emptied again.

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The second step in refrigerator moving preparation is to remove as much heat as possible from the appliance, if at all possible. A good way to do this is with a hair dryer. The hair dryer is one of the cheapest tools you can buy, it only costs around ten dollars, but it cuts through any frost that is on the inside of the refrigerator. After using the hair dryer step one, you should not allow any more water to build up in the cracks of the appliance or door, this will cause it all to become very wet and very warm, and very dangerous.

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Once you have emptied the contents out of the appliance it is time to start moving heavy items. It is best to divide the load into smaller boxes, so that larger objects such as pots will not crush each other when being transferred. It is also important to remember to not crowd the boxes or the movers may not be able to get their items through safely.

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Once all the heavy items have been moved, and all the water has been drained from the fridge, the movers will need to get the compressor out. If it is not already packed with ice and water then it should be. Refrigerator moving companies will all suggest that you put ice cubes in the compressor for safety reasons. Do not forget to pack the compressor too, it is very important for the proper operation of your refrigerator moving process.

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Refrigerator moving is a big job, so the first thing in refrigerator moving preparation is to set the refrigerator up at the new home. It is best to start off by re-installing any cabinet doors that were removed. Many people like to put new doors on their appliances to make them look nice and neat before moving day. It may even be easier to just replace the doors alone, because this is where the cabinet was located. This means there is no need to remove any knobs or pulls. Just lift up the cabinet door and hook the appliance up to the moving straps.

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Once the cabinet door is in place, the movers will need to go ahead and pull it up with the aid of a dolly. The dolly is used to help the movers slide under the appliance effortlessly, and the dolly is also used as leverage when working with the cabinet frame to ensure the frame is still under the cabinet. After pulling the cabinet up, it is time to unhook the shelves and set them aside.

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Now all the refrigerators must be laid out in full view, and the movers must determine which appliances need to be moved on top of the other. If there are several appliances on top of one another, then the most logical order is from the front to the back. If none of the appliances need to be moved then they should be laid side by side on their own pedestal, and finally they can be turned upside down on their pedestals and hung from the moving truck.