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Moving a piano can be expensive, especially when you are moving it long distances. There are many factors that go into estimating how much money you will spend. These include the type and age of the piano (old/new), the distance you are moving it (from town to town), and the methods of moving the piano. There are ways to save money on your piano moving costs, especially if you are moving it locally.

One way to save money on moving your piano is hiring professionals. A skilled local piano moving company will have the experience and the manpower to move pianos safely and securely. Most moving companies are insured, but there is a limit on how much they will cover in terms of actual damages to your equipment and the actual weight of the piano itself. Local movers will be covered by your insurance provider if the actual weight of your piano is over the limit specified in your policy. Professional moving companies also have the equipment and manpower to pack your pianos if you are moving them long distances.

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Long distance moving pianos (also known as flat rate movers) will charge you by the hour. Most piano movers are used to dealing with people who are paying by the gram – which is cheaper per minute than the flat rate offered by moving companies. Calculate your hourly rate based on the miles driven, the actual weight and the volume of the piano. You can save money by hiring a professional flat rate mover instead of a flat rate company.

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If you have stairs to move your piano(s) to, it may be better to hire a professional piano moving company to do the job. Hiring a professional piano mover will save you the time and the expense of measuring stairs and finding a place for the stairs to go. A professional piano moving company will bring the piano up to your new location with ease. They will also ensure that stairs are properly guarded and that they fit securely on the stairs.

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In some cases, it is better to have your upright piano or grand piano delivered to your new home rather than trying to move it yourself. Upright pianos are more delicate than grand pianos and upright piano movers can cost a lot more. For this reason, if your piano is too large to move yourself, it might be better to call a moving company. They will have the proper equipment to move your piano safely and securely without causing damage to your instrument.

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Upright pianos and grand pianos require special moving blankets to protect them from falls. Upright pianos need to be propped up on the ground while the grand piano can sit upright in a corner of a room. Upright piano boards come in many sizes and thicknesses to accommodate various sized upright pianos. Piano board will protect your grand piano from scratches, bumps, and breakage caused by furniture, pets, and moving boxes.

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Piano crating provides more safety and security when moving these instruments. Crating is best for pianos that will not be put on a floor. Pianos do not take up much space so you can easily crate them when moving them, but you will need to rent specialized equipment to move your piano indoors and out of the cold and snow. Professional movers can also provide you with crating solutions that fit your needs. Piano crating is less expensive than using specialized equipment to move your piano inside and outside your home.

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It will depend on the type and size of your instrument which methods you will choose to move it. For upright piano’s, crating makes more sense because there is not as much space taken up. For larger upright and grand instruments, the general protocol would be to use a dolly or rolling dollies. This will help you move the instrument safely and efficiently. Whether you choose professional moving services or do it yourself, it is important to consider all the options before making a final decision on how to move your instrument safely.