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Lancaster Pool Table Moving

Moving a pool table is not as simple as one might think. Why is the moving pool table so hard to move? Well, the pool tables are usually some of the largest pieces in any house! Take a look around you and how many things do you see that is larger than a pool table? On average, the pool table weights approximately 1,100 pounds.

Now add to that its odd shape and you’re having a hard moving experience moving one of these large tables. The best way to pack for a pool table moving is to use proper packing. There are three main steps to proper packing. These steps are described here:

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The first step to proper pool table moving packing is to remove the table completely from your possession. Removing the table from your possession requires removing it from any and all pockets in which it may be contained. Pool table movers will advise you to remove the lid to prevent damage to the table during the disassembly process. If you are disassembling the table yourself, make sure the lid is removed before disassembling the table. Leaving it open during the disassembly process can lead to damage to the table.

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The second step to proper packing for a pool table moving is to disassemble the table. In order to perform this step correctly, it is advised that you use the proper equipment. You will need a power drill, a small screwdriver, a tape measure and a large pair of scissors. It is advised that you purchase new springs if you are using traditional moving equipment. Once you have all of your equipment ready, disassemble your pool table and place all parts in one of the boxes provided by your moving company.

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Next, remove the frame from your table. This includes the legs and any other hardware including screws or pins. Remove the padding and if possible, remove the base if applicable. If you are using power tools, make sure you disconnect them prior to disassembling. The frame can be completely removed and any parts such as bearings, rollers or wheels can be disassembled as well. All hardware including springs and cleats should be removed.

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Once you have disassembled the frame, remove all items from the moving carton except for the bottom sheet of plywood. It is extremely difficult for you to disassemble a heavy piece of plywood with two people on each end. If you can, it is best to disassemble it with two hands. Once the bottom sheet of plywood is removed, locate the holes where the bumpers will be secured and apply masking tape to these holes. You will probably need to drill holes too.

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Once this is done, you will need to remove the wing nuts which are located on either side of the frame. These nuts are difficult to remove without assistance. Once the wing nuts are removed, unscrew all retaining clips which are located on both sides of the table. Your moving truck billiard tables will be disassembled in the same manner.

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Once you have located and reconnected all retaining clips, tighten the retaining nuts with the appropriate wrench. It is extremely difficult for you to perform the necessary tasks on your own, especially when you have little or no knowledge about house moving procedures. The help of a professional moving company will save you time, money and energy. They will ensure that all of your possessions are moved properly and safely. Make sure that you select a Ideal Moving & Storage company that provides excellent customer service to answer any other questions that you might have regarding pool table relocation.