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What is Full-Service Furniture Delivery? Full-service furniture delivery simply means that a truck is scheduled to arrive at your home, the furniture is unboxed/loaded/assembled by specially trained staff and then set into your room where you wish it. This is usually the most high-end experience when it comes to moving services. For this reason, some people opt to use only full-service moving companies, as they want the greatest level of service from the beginning.

It is quite possible to move all of your furniture by yourself. However, it is much more expedient to use movers to make the entire process easier on you. Movers can pack everything for you, load it into the truck, and then take it to your new location. They will also unpack it and then reassemble everything once they arrive at your new home. If there is any damage done to anything during the move, movers can help with repairing it, or offer to carry out any extra work that you have requested.

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How to move furniture by yourself: Assembling furniture is a relatively straightforward process. Start with the furniture you wish to move. Find out if it is delivered in one piece, or if it comes in pieces, like tables, couches, chairs, beds, etc. For furniture delivered in pieces, break each piece into manageable sections, such as one piece, two pieces, three pieces, etc. Then, follow the steps outlined in the furniture assembly guide found in the packing materials supplied with the furniture.

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When ready to move the furniture, call your new furniture company. The company will come out to your home, remove your furniture, assemble it, load it into the truck, and deliver it to your new home. Alternatively, if your furniture was delivered in pieces, you may assemble them at the location of your choice. Either way, it is important to call the company well in advance of moving day. Arrangements can be made with the company to pick up items left at your new home if desired.

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A popular furniture delivery option is curbside delivery. This method allows you to select the date in which you would like the furniture delivered. There are a variety of companies offering curbside delivery, and many have standard service offerings for a range of prices. If your furniture is bulky or oversized, curbside delivery may be your best bet. Large furniture such as sofas, recliners, and other large furniture will generally require extra transportation charges to get to the truck.

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If you have an indoor furniture store, you should keep in mind that there are sometimes inclement weather conditions that may affect your delivery delays. For example, during a hurricane or severe rainstorm a delivery delay may become an issue, as the water can be a health risk for some types of furnishings. In addition, some indoor stores experience seasonal issues with snow and ice that can cause your entire order to be delayed.

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Retailers experiencing delays in shipments should contact their manufacturer or distributor. Sometimes they may be able to work out arrangements that help them expedite the delivery time of their furniture. In the case of a pandemic, retailers are often instructed to keep some items in back rooms, out of sight of children. While waiting for local authorities to remove contaminated furniture, retailers should disinfect surfaces using a sanitizer and label all bags containing food-grade material.

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If you need to have your furniture delivered, it is crucial that you take the time to find a good and reliable furniture delivery service. Doing so can mean the difference between having new furniture in your home in a few weeks to having to replace everything. The most reputable companies use only the highest quality materials and employ very skilled employees who know how to work with the clients. A quality furniture delivery service will be discreet about how they deliver furniture. They will work with you to ensure the safety of your items while ensuring they get to you in a timely manner.