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One of the most time consuming, but necessary tasks associated with moving a piano are moving the lid. This is the lid that holds the grand piano up in the rafters of a room. While lids are not hard to come by at discount stores, it is always better to have them created for you from scratch. You will need a few extra supplies and a few tricks up your sleeve. If you can follow along with these simple steps, you will be moving a piano lid in no time.

I know what you are thinking… ” drums, piano moving or not?” Well, if you use stairs to transport your instrument, you can use special stairs made especially for moving pianos. These stairs are made of heavy duty rubber and can withstand a lot of weight. They are fairly cheap and can be found just about anywhere good piano moving companies are.

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Most people don’t think to mention moving a piano to friends or family because they feel they might scare them or annoy them. But seriously, piano movers can make the move easier on everyone. So why not let them do it? If they do an amazing job, you may even get discounts for allowing them to move your instrument for you. Here’s how to move a piano with local movers.

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You need to make sure your piano lid comes equipped with permanent straps. The reason is because you will be hanging your piano lid from the rafters. Therefore, it is imperative that the straps lock into place and are permanently attached.

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Before hiring movers, make sure the movers you choose to have permanent straps and that they use high quality hardware. There are many different types of straps available. Some of these include: sectional, drum, piano board, piano dolly, and horizontal rods. Make sure the movers you choose to use high quality hardware so the straps will not come loose during the move. This can cause your beloved keyboard to move while the movers are taking it to the truck. Also, the hardware should be large enough and secure so that if the straps do become loose, the instrument’s components will not fall to the floor.

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Once you have decided which truck will be used to transport your piano, make sure that all of its wheels will be locked in place. This will prevent your instrument from making any sort of movement when it is in the moving truck. The easiest way to ensure this is to lock each wheel individually. Many piano movers have wheel locks installed on each of the wheels on both ends of the instrument.

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When the movers arrive at your home, you should place the piano in the back of the moving van. It is best to keep the lid up to prevent any dust or debris from getting inside. The other option is to lock the lid so that the movers cannot see the inner workings. All precautions should be taken to keep your instrument safe during a piano moving.

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Piano relocation companies are an affordable alternative to having the musical instrument repaired after a tragic accident. By using them, you will be saving yourself thousands of dollars as well as ensuring that your musical instrument remains safe through the relocation process. The safety of your piano is one of your greatest priorities. To ensure that you are completely safe, hire professional piano moving companies to complete this task for you.