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Moving a Mattress is a big job, and can sometimes be very difficult if you do not know what you are doing. Mattresses are heavy, they are awkward to lift and move, and they usually flip around and tumbling down the stairs in a gassy mess are a real pain. But moving a mattress does not need to be a nightmare. If you are moving your mattress to a different house, you might need to cover the mattress with a mattress moving pack, which you can generally get at any moving supply store. This will help protect the mattress, as well as make the move easier.

The first thing you will need to do when moving a mattress is to unload it onto the truck that will be carrying it. Most mattresses have wheels on them, so you will need to maneuver the mattress up onto the truck without having to break it. You can get by with just one person to unload the mattress, but it can be much easier to have two or three people working together. Either way, have two people lifting the mattress onto the truck. Having two people on the bottom will help support the mattress while the truck is being driven, and it will also allow more room to work with while the truck is in the moving process.

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Once the mattress has been loaded onto the truck, the mattress can go into the back of the pickup truck. The truck is then set on top of the mattress so that it doesn’t move while the truck is being driven. Usually this is done so that the mattress will not roll forward, and any jolts that the truck undergoes will not scrape the new mattress. Usually the mattress is placed on the ground, but if need be it can be laid on top of some cardboard at the bottom of the pickup. This is the best way to protect both the mattress and the new mattress as it is the safest spot to stay during a moving house move.

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The second step in mattress moving is laying the newly moved mattress on top of the cardboard at the bottom of the bed. Usually the movers will begin by placing some tape over the mattress so that nothing will come loose while it is being moved. They may even place some kind of a hinge on the mattress so that it can be easily lifted off of the floor. Once this is done, the mattress can go on top of the new mattress. Just be sure that it is securely stuck in place, as the tape can sometimes rip the fabric as it is being stuck.

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After the mattress has been laid down completely and it has been protected from damage, the movers will begin packing it. Typically there will be two small bags that are used for transporting mattresses – one for the heavier mattresses and one smaller one for lighter ones. These plastic mattress cover bags should be sealed tightly to keep any spills from staining the mattress. Movers will generally use heavy duty plastic for this purpose. If they use anything less plastic, it will most likely rip or tear the mattress as it is being transported.

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After the plastic mattress cover is full, the movers will set it up at the new location. They may want to slide it under the bed so that the weight of the bed will support the entire mattress. It is important that the mattress is not folded up too much during this time. If it is too long, it may shift and cause problems with the rest of the move a mattress experience.

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When the plastic has been secured, the movers will begin lifting the entire mattress. Sometimes these units are equipped with platforms at the bottom of the beds that lift the mattress and elevate it off the floor. Other times the movers will use cranes to move the mattress by lifting it over the edge of the bed. Both methods will be used in order to move a mattress from one location to another. Both methods are effective.

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If a truck is not provided by the moving company, a person can rent one from a local delivery service. These companies usually charge a small fee for the mattresses. They are also familiar with all the obstacles that may be encountered when moving large mattresses and can avoid problems. If a truck is provided, the mattresses can be slid onto the truck bed without any assistance. The person driving the truck should be specially trained in order to pick up and carry large mattresses and to drive it safely around town.