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Have you ever heard of the Mattress Moving Bag? It is actually one which stands as true to its title. It’s a big heavy plastic bag, which is placed on top of a mattress to place your mattress into. If you’re the first time meeting the word ‘mattress moving bag,’ then you ought to know that mattress moving bags are specifically designed to suit all sizes of mattresses and come in either heavy-duty or thin-set plastic; from twin, half, queen, up to a king-sized mattress.

Mattress Moving Bags came with a lot of useful features to help you move a mattress. First is the spring rollers which help to ease out the wrinkles by gently drawing the tape across the mattress’s underside. This also helps in reducing the tearing of the tape across the mattress. As a result, the entire process becomes less time-consuming and effort-intensive. When you do need to move a mattress, you can pull down the tape, lift it back over the bed, push it aside and pull it again, with all the wrinkles remaining on the mattress underneath.

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If you are looking forward to shipping your mattress, then it makes a lot of sense to get the Mattress Moving Bag packed and sealed before mailing it. That way you avoid the hassle of having to package and seal your mattress when the Mattress Moving Bag arrives at your doorstep. This will also save on time spent trying to get your mattress situated in the shipping container. If you want to pack the Mattress in a manner which avoids any possible damage to the Mattress Moving Bag, then the following are the suggested methods: Wrap the mattress in an old towel. This is useful as the mattress could be prone to dust and moisture.

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The first step for carrying out mattress moving is to remove the box spring from the bed. This is because the box spring has to be folded and wrapped while the packing process is in progress. Care should be taken so that no creases are made in the bedding. When the packing process is completed, the new home can be unpacked by attaching it to the existing bedding.

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The second step is to strap the mattress to the frame rails. In case the mattress is not available with straps, you can use the old mattress straps that are easily available. It is very important to make certain that the mattress is securely strapped down so that no movement occurs while the Mattress Moving Bag is being transported. In case you have decided to transport the mattress by lifting it, you need to ensure that the frame rails are securely fastened to the floor.

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The third step involved in the moving supplies storage is the removal of any personal items from the mattresses and other accessories. In this regard, you will have to disassemble and put away all your belongings. You will have to carry such items including the mattress, blankets, pillows, bed sheets, clothes and shoes. The Mattress moving supplies movers will assist you in carrying these items without harming the mattress while transporting it.

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In the fourth step, the mattress will be lifted into the moving truck which is placed directly on top of the truck. It is advisable that you take support from the movers as they would have the necessary experience and expertise to lift a mattress that is four times its original weight. The support would come in especially handy when the mattress is extremely heavy. If the movers do not have the required expertise or experience, the truck would probably tilt over.

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The fifth step involves wrapping the old mattress in plastic or any heavy cloth and securing it with tape. It is advisable to place the tape around the entire perimeter of the bag and the edges as well so as to ensure the maximum protection of the mattress. If the mattress is not too heavy, you may opt for a tarpaulin and secure it to the floor of the moving truck. You should also wrap the plastic bag around the entire weight of the moving truck, so that nothing escapes.