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Lakeside Couch Moving

The couch moving chLakesideges for you involved in the process of relocating your couch to a new place will range in size from needing to decide if you are going to move your couch at all to how to move and protect the large heavy piece without causing any permanent damage to it. Some couches can be very heavy and unwieldy, making them more difficult to move than others. There is also the question of how to protect the couch in case it gets damaged during the move. Of course one of the first steps in answering these kinds of questions is finding a reputable moving company that has experience with moving all shapes and sizes of couches and other types of furniture. You want to ensure that they have the equipment to move this type of furniture safely, without damaging it.

So what kind of things should you look for in experienced couch moving companies? One thing is making sure they have the proper equipment on hand to do the job. You can find out the best way to move a couch by asking the people who have completed the move what they used. The experienced movers that have done the job before you are going to be able to give you some helpful advice about this matter. They will also be able to recommend the best way to move a couch into another home.

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The most important piece of information you are going to want to gather when considering how to move a couch is to know the weight and rating of the sofa. This will make it easier to calculate how much weight and how many boxes and other fragile items it will take to move the couch. It is also very important to ask the potential couch moving professionals how to pack the moving equipment so you don’t have to waste precious time trying to figure out how to load up your equipment. If you don’t ask these questions, you may end up with broken furniture or worse yet, damages that will require you to buy new furniture.

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Another important piece of information you should gather is to find out how long the professional movers have been moving couches. If you only know the company has just recently started in the business, you may run the risk of finding out too late that they have not been able to move a couch in a satisfactory manner. The longer the company has been in the business the better. The company must be reliable if you are going to use their services to move your couches into another person’s house. This is why finding the most experienced and reputable company to do the job is vital.

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Check with all references provided by the moving company. Find out how long each of the movers has been in business and contact any friends or family members that have been served with their service. The more references you have the better. Check the insurance policies that are offered from the moving company. They should be aware of all coverage options and know exactly what to do in case of damages to your couches.

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Before the movers even reach your house, it is essential that you inspect the furniture piece thoroughly. Look around carefully for any broken parts. Any loose screws or staples are very important as they could potentially break off and become a safety hazard during transit. A few small dents and tears in the fabric are normal but larger holes or tears need to be inspected carefully.

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Once you have inspected the piece you can begin the actual move. Most furniture movers will supply you with a packing supply. This includes tape, packaging peanuts, box brads, tape dispenser, elastic bands, and an instruction manual on how to move a couch the right way. The packing supply is probably best spent on the actual move itself rather than the actual delivery of your furniture dolly.

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The actual move is something that you can either attempt yourself or have a professional mover do. You may find that the simpler move is best. Trying to move a couch by yourself can result in injury and is also much more expensive. You will save money if you simply hire professional movers. The price of having someone to transport your furniture will be substantially less than paying for a new couch.