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Local piano moving prices generally begin at around $80 per hour for a two-man team, depending on a typical 2,000 pound. piano. Two individual piano movers will usually cost around $200 per hour if moving a 3,100 pound. piano. This price includes the time that they spend loading and unloading the piano from the truck. It also includes any stairs that need to be climbed to get to the truck.

The price for moving a piano will depend on several factors such as how far the piano is being moved, how large it is and how much weight it is carrying. Long distance moves usually cost more because you are dealing with a larger, heavier piece of furniture. You are also likely to encounter more obstacles during the move, because the piano is farther away from the truck and will encounter more obstacles on the way down the road. For these reasons, local piano moving companies are recommended over long distance professionals. If a local piano mover is too pricey, there are several ways to save money.

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Many piano movers charge per pound when delivering your piano to their facility. This can be costly because you are charged for every step of the move. If you are planning to move the piano by yourself, call several moving companies to ask about rates for one move. You can also save money by researching local movers before you call them to quote you moving prices. Some companies may charge less because they do not deliver the piano to the home, only to bring it back later.

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You should also consider the type of piano moving company you hire. Most people prefer a truck that has a dolly on board. The dolly provides easy transportation to the location where the piano is to be placed. This means the dolly must fit securely in the truck so that nothing falls off or gets damaged. It can be difficult to know whether the dolly will fit securely without trying it.

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Another consideration is whether to use moving straps or moving drums. Moving straps are attached to the dolly and allow you easier access to the piano top while keeping the piano within easy reach. Moving drums are used when the piano will need to be moved while someone is helping you. The drum moves with the piano, which makes it easier to move.

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Depending on how the instrument is to be transported, you also have many options. A simple four-wheeled dolly is often the best option for a piano that is only slightly large and that does not have intricate details on the body. Using a small four-wheeled dolly allows you to put the instrument in and out of the trunk easily, but does not allow you to place your hands on the instrument directly. If the piano is fragile or heavy, a full-sized four-wheeled dolly may be more suitable.

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There are also a number of options available to accommodate special needs. Most upright pianos do not come with moving straps. This makes it more difficult to move if the piano is being moved using the straps. For larger upright pianos, there are specially designed casters that enable people to move the instrument easily. In addition to the wheels on the bottom of the casters, there are handles located near the axle of the leg for easier access to and from the instrument.

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Special products are available for covering the sensitive spots on the instrument prior to moving it. Many movers provide piano pads that protect the top, back, and sides of the piano prior to the dolly move. Some movers also provide piano cushions that protect the instrument during the entire move. These mats and cushions are soft enough to move without causing any damage to the delicate top, back, and sides of the instrument.