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Lake Dallas Refrigerator Moving

What should you know about refrigerators before you move one from place to place? You may be looking to get that old upright refrigerator out of the garage and never use it again but did you also realize that your refrigerator’s moving parts can be damaged if you don’t know how to move a refrigerator properly? That’s why it’s so important to find a qualified moving company who has moved expertise or at least the know-how to move your refrigerator from place to place with as little damage to it as possible.

Refrigerator Moving The way to move an appliance safely and securely starts with one-piece movers. There are two types of one-piece movers: dry machines and wet machines. Dry machines move appliances by loading them onto their trailers and using straps and chains to secure them to the trailers. Wet machine moves appliances through water which means using pumps and hydraulic jacks and cranes. Dry moving washers simply slide appliances from one container to another.

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Refrigerator Moving Tips Most appliances need a little bit of prep before you even begin to move them, especially larger appliances. The more space you have to move appliances, the more appliances you should consider packing. Appliances such as freezers, refrigerators, free standing freezers, ice makers and dishwashers should all be thoroughly checked to make sure they will fit in the new location. Next, look at the moving directions and carefully review the list of items to pack. The moving directions will specify what appliances you should pack in what quantities.

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Refrigerator Tips When you first buy a refrigerator, you may choose an appliance that will fit in your new home. However, it’s a good idea to find out if this is the case since appliances can expand and contract when moving from one location to another. For example, when a refrigerator is taken down and brought into the basement, it will likely shrink while it is being set up. Therefore, it may not be safe or practical to pack a big refrigerator into a tight space.

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Refrigerator Moving Tips When looking at moving services, one of the things you will want to look for is the company’s moving expertise. A good company will help you determine how much refrigerator space you have to move, and then will help you pack it. Experienced movers know how to pack individual appliances and can provide guidance as to what type of units are best for use in particular spaces. For example, you might only need two hands, so smaller moving boxes for refrigerators might be ideal, allowing movers to handle the move easily.

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Refrigerator Moving Tips Once the movers arrive at your home to assist with the move, you will probably want them to start unpacking everything. This may include putting small items inside glass containers to prevent breakage during the move. Then, they will start with loading the unit into the vehicle. Then, they will unload it and set it up in a place where it will be ready for transportation. You will need someone to watch it while it is being moved, so make sure that everyone involved is aware of the fact that refrigerators must be safely moved.

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Refrigerator Moving Tips If you decide to hire professional movers to do the move for you, ask them about their moving experience. Experienced moving companies will have done several similar moves before, which can help you get an idea of how long a typical move will take. You should also ask them about the cost. While some moving companies offer a free estimate, most will charge a fee based on the size and type of refrigerator being moved. This will make the entire move less expensive, especially if a large refrigerator is being moved. The cost is typically based on cubic square feet, but can vary from one company to another.

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When unpacking the refrigerator, it will be important that you protect it from shock if it is not being moved immediately. A shock to a refrigerator can cause it to shatter, so you need to ensure that it is not placed on its side or between two furniture when you are unpacking. Before putting it inside the new location, you will also want to take several minutes to clean out the refrigerator. Refrigerator moving tips indicate that it is important to remove all ice from the refrigerator before placing it inside the house. This way, the unit can be placed near an area where water and electricity can easily flow, such as a wall or behind a couch.