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If you have a piano or an old upright that has sentimental value, moving it long distances may be an option for you. You may not be able to move it by carrying it on your back, but a flatbed truck or car is more than likely your only option. Not everyone wants to hire professional movers when moving long distances, so here are some tips on how to move a piano long distances without problems. The long distance piano movers that you hire will come to your home and make the entire move very easy for you. The only thing that will get in the way of moving your piano is the time that it takes to unload it at the new destination.

The most general rule in the piano moving industry is that you do not hire a local small diameter dolly to move your piano upright, and that you do not hire a local big dolly to move a piano upright. The local piano moving company and long distance piano moving company are definitely both invaluable in their own right, yet piano moving usually should be left to professional movers. Bringing a piano with you that is not in prime condition will most likely cause more problems than it solves. A professional will make sure that your piano does not become damaged in any way during transport. They will also make sure that all of your requirements are met before the move begins.

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Another common type of piano moving requirement is a skid board. A skid board is a board that goes behind a vehicle to provide traction on the ground. Most people choose a skid board because they believe it is more affordable than renting a moving van. The problem is that a skid board does not provide the same support as a solid, stable floorboard, so it can be very dangerous to try to pull a piano with a skid board. Unless the piano owner has a very strong truck and knows how to use it, using a skid board can be very dangerous.

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Many piano owners do not know that it is perfectly acceptable to move pianos by lifting them, rather than by using dollies or a skid board. Although using a dolly or a skid board may be more affordable, it can prove to be much more dangerous. It is absolutely not okay to try to lift a large piano by using these methods. If you have been given a moving quote from a local moving company and you are given a list of equipment that they must use, it is important that you insist that they include this equipment with each moving quote.

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Many piano owners believe that if they can not afford professional piano moving services, at least hiring a non-professional moving company will save them some money. This is wrong. A reputable moving company will charge more, because they have to pay more to transport and insure a piano. Although an uninsured piano mover might be cheaper initially, in the long run, the moving costs could prove to be greater. Therefore, it is advisable to call the phone number of the companies in your area to ask about their moving costs before you arrange to have a piano moved.

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The professionals that make your move are specially trained professionals. They are highly skilled and experienced at what they do. Their job requires them to move a piano (or several at one time. It takes a lot of skill to move a single piano. So, it is a good idea to call a few movers and arrange to meet with them. Ask them about the moving costs and let them know that you will be moving your piano by yourself and that you are expecting them to help you safely.

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Before you schedule a piano moving service, make sure you are aware of all the moving details. Find out if there are any special ropes or chains that need to be used or any special tools that may be needed. Get to know the movers through the phone. Inform the movers of your fears and make sure the movers have all the necessary equipment to deal with your problem. Check whether the piano will need temporary or permanent straps and whether you will be given temporary or permanent straps.

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Make sure you have adequate temporary straps, especially for smaller and lighter pianos. If you have an older piano, you may not have enough temporary straps or may be required to rent additional ones. Determine how long you will need the skid board and what kind of skid board is recommended for piano moving. Decide on the method of transportation and make arrangements to get the moving boxes from the place where you will be moving the piano to the new home. And don’t forget to contact the movers and schedule an appointment for the skid board to be delivered to the new home so that the piano can be properly secured.