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Moving your mattress is not the easiest move. Mattresses are heavy, they are awkward to lift and transport, and they typically flop around at the worst possible time. However, moving a mattress does not need to be a disaster. If you are relocating your mattress to a different home, you might need to cover the mattress with a mattress moving pad, which you can usually find with your moving supplies.

Before you get started, make sure that your mattress is completely deflated. You can use a tape measure to check for its weight. However, if you are moving a large mattress, it might not be necessary to use a tape measure. Just make sure that you have it where you will be measuring so that you do not waste any materials.

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The next step in moving a mattress is to unpack it into the proper plastic mattress cover. Some movers include a packing tape in their packing supplies. This is fine, but it is more trouble than it is worth. Using a flat tape, wrap the entire mattress, including the bottom and side pieces, and then secure it with the plastic. Do not overstuff the mattress bag as you will have too much padding to squeeze through the opening of the bag.

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Now it’s time to unload the mattress from your car or truck. You can either move it by yourself or with help, but be sure to give the other people in your household some space to maneuver around as well. You can help move the mattress by lifting the bottom and sides, while holding onto the edges of the mattress. It is better to have a friend helping you with mattress moving, as it can save both your sanity and someone else’s sanity.

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When you pack a mattress for transport, it is a good idea to keep extra packing materials handy. That way, if anything breaks or becomes damaged along the way, there is still a spare mattress to lie down on. This is especially important if you are moving a heavy mattress, such as an antique queen. For smaller mattresses, it is probably best to just pack it up and take it on the trip in your vehicle.

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Once the mattress is securely packed, it is time to start unpacking. Start with the bottom and top, using ratchet straps to secure the mattress to the floor, and covering the mattress with plastic sheeting to keep dust and debris from collecting. The sheet will also help protect your floor from damage. Next, remove the padding inside the mattress. This gives you a better view of what kind of material is actually covering the inside of the mattress, and the size and depth of the mattress. Note the thickness of the mattress – it should be comfortable enough to sleep on.

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If you have extra old mattress that you do not need, it is still possible to move a mattress by yourself. Just get rid of the padding, and wrap the old mattress in plastic, and any excess blankets. Start with ratchet straps to hold the mattress in place, then remove the blanket and plastic sheeting.

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You can take mattresses to any place you want when you are relocating them. But for safety reasons, it is best to do so in your vehicle. That way, the mattresses will be protected from being stepped on, dropped, or banged on while in transit. Also, make sure that you and your moving movers get an appropriate insurance cover. Even if the truck you rent is oversized, it is still not safe to transport mattresses without adequate cover. Remember to ask about these beforehand, or else you could be stuck paying for something you don’t want!