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Piano moving is one of the most popular activities for homeowners who are looking to enhance their homes with a classic instrument that can be played from the Comfort Of Home. A large upright piano can be very cumbersome when it has to be moved, but there are some simple steps that you can take to make your piano move easily. Long distance piano moving can be expensive, but there are local piano movers that can help you reduce the cost of moving your instrument. Here are some tips to help you decide how to move a piano long distance.

How To Move A Piano Long distance piano moving begins with finding a local piano moving company that offers services with this type of equipment. You may need to look at two or three different movers before you find one that will work with your equipment. Local movers can charge from around $150 to over one thousand dollars depending on weight, size and how your piano is constructed. Local movers generally charge less because they do not use heavy machinery and they often use special carriers to keep the piano as flat as possible. Long distance piano moving prices range from around $100 to over one thousand dollars depending on the size, type of piano and labor involved.

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The most important aspect of moving the piano yourself is having the proper tools. Some people think that a dolly or some other piece of equipment is needed only for moving smaller pianos, but in fact this is extremely dangerous and should be avoided. Long distance piano moving equipment consists of a large dolly that is specifically made for moving upright pianos, safety harnesses and straps for the legs. These items should never be carried in the trunk of a car.

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Another factor in calculating the average cost of piano moving is to consider the amount of time needed to move the piano. If the piano is fairly heavy, then it could take several hours to move. You should make sure that you provide yourself with plenty of time. The average cost of moving a piano can also be figured out by considering what part of town you are moving it to. It makes more sense to move it close to where you live so that it will be easier to get to and you won’t need to spend a long time trying to carry it.

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Long distance piano moving prices are generally lower than moving locally because of the special carrier and dolly charges. The long distance companies will almost always charge a flat rate which is based on weight. This flat rate is figured by multiplying the actual weight of the piano by its unloaded weight. Some general moving companies will offer you a flat rate that doesn’t have any fees for oversized or heavy pianos and this is the best way to go if you know you won’t be bringing any fragile items with you. However, long distance companies are generally less picky about the piano’s condition and can quote you at an affordable general moving price.

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Long distance piano moving companies will give you a price that is not based on distance but on how long it will take you to move the piano. Many companies will quote you on a flat rate that doesn’t include additional charges such as pickup and delivery. These types of quotes can be highly beneficial if you are moving across the country and have to drive several hours. These companies may even come down on how long before your move takes which can help you save some money. The average cost of piano movers can vary greatly depending on how long you move the piano and how large or small it is.

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The actual price that they quote you will also include any other charges that you may incur, such as a flat rate that doesn’t include the cost of the actual piano door. These flat rates often apply to apartment sized moves and you can save money by hiring movers to move it as a group. The price will also include the actual cost of the stairs upon arrival, however, if you are simply renting the piano for the duration of the move, there is no additional cost for the stairs.

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It is important to note that some local piano movers charge more than others simply because of the reputation of the company. Reputable companies will have a long list of happy customers who will tell everyone about how great the service was. A good local piano moving company should also be licensed and insured and have a well-established reputation in your community. The local moving companies in your area will typically have a good reputation and they will usually be able to give you a free estimate.