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One of the most stressful parts in moving is moving the large and heavy household furniture. Many times movers hire onsite equipment so they can move the furniture by themselves. This however can be quite risky, especially if they do not have experience or equipment to move the furniture by themselves. In order to avoid these kinds of problems hiring a professional Furniture Moving Company is highly recommended. They have all the necessary equipment and knowledge to move any kind of furniture safely and smoothly.

Experienced movers are well trained to disassemble large items to move them. They will also be fully insured and licensed to use furniture sliders, dollies, and other equipment to move furniture. From disassembling large beds and other bulky objects to padding and wrapping it, to actually transporting and unpacking it, they ll sure make sure that your sofa, dresser, bed, credenza, and many more make it to their new destination safely and without damage. Here are some Furniture Moving Tips and Techniques to help you move furniture by yourself:

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Use Furniture Sliders – It is easy to pack up and move furniture by yourself, but using furniture sliders can greatly reduce the risk of accidents. Furniture sliders allow the movers to glide across the furniture on padded pads attached at both ends. These specially designed sliders make moving furniture much safer than trying to do it by yourself. There are also dollies that come with them so the furniture can be rolled or moved rather than being stuck to the ground. All of these provide the furniture piece with a smooth glide instead of a bumpy ride across the floor. Just make sure to keep them in good shape when not in use.

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Use Furniture Pads – If you do not want to use furniture sliders, you can use dolly pads. These come in all shapes and sizes so there is sure to be one that will work for the job. The best way to determine what the best kind is for you is to test them out. Get at least three of them and try them out on different kinds of furniture to see what works best. Pick the one that works best and use them in your moving process.

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Rent a Dovy – Some moving companies offer dolly rentals. Others do not. If you are moving heavy furniture items, it is better to have a dolly than to have no dolly. A dolly allows movers to be able to reach high places and maneuver heavier furniture items. This makes the job easier for the movers and for you, because it reduces the chances of injury. Before you decide to rent a dolly, check with your moving company or a friend who has moved before.

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Move Heavy Furniture Within the Home – You may also choose to move the furniture within the home on your own. There are many professional moving companies who offer this service. If you are good with your hands, you may even be able to do this on your own. However, this is not recommended. Furniture movers specialize in moving large items like beds, chairs and tables. It is best that they do the job for you to ensure that the moving is done properly and safely.

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Look Into Appliance Rental Companies – Many movers offer appliance rental services as well. They know what appliances and gadgets you have within your home. They may be able to clean your old appliances and recharge them or maybe even fix any that need to be fixed.

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Move Your Furniture on your Own – Many homeowners who are planning to move also prefer to do it themselves. They use special tools and equipment to move the large furniture items like couches, tables, chairs and sofas. They also use special moving blankets that are made from rubber and foam.