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There are a lot of “how to move a couch” videos out there, but none of them shows you how to move a couch the right way. Couch moving might be especially chKellerging, as seen below:

This video is quite graphic, but it shows what happens when people try to move a couch by themselves without the help of moving professionals. Judging by the lack of moving technique and equipment, assume the people in the above clip were not skilled movers. Even if they were not experts, that old, misguided couch did not need to die like an ignominious, blood-stained victim in a moving disaster film. Licensed movers know exactly how to move couches in ways that leave them intact enough to be taken home with them the next day.

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How to move a couch by yourself? First, the movers will need to find a good, level, flat spot for the couch. Ideally, the location should be away from objects that could be pulled. Moving trucks and other vehicles can often tip or even pull, furniture. A good surface would make the job go faster. An area rug is a good choice for the first stage of the move, as it prevents pieces of furniture from getting jumbled together.

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Once the platform for the couch has been found, a plan should be drawn up for the rest of the move. Many professional movers offer moving plans, so take advantage of this. The plan should include how long the couch will be in the new home, how many stairways need to be navigated, and other details. Make sure that all of your contact information is included in the plan. This way, if anything should go wrong with the move, it will not be a problem to call and get the help you need.

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Another important aspect of couch moving is making sure there are no small items on board that could cause damage during the move. Any loose screws, for instance, should be secured before the furniture is moved. Larger items such as television sets and refrigerators should also be secured during transport. Again, having a plan beforehand will make the move go smoothly.

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Once the furniture is in place, movers will need to determine where to drive the truck. There are a number of factors to consider when determining the best place to begin the move. The best decision is made depending on what is available. If there are only small objects to move, then it may be possible to drive around the neighborhood; however, if the move entails moving large, fragile items such as couches, it would be wise to look into the possibility of using services from reputable couch moving companies.

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Once all the furniture is at the new location, it is time to unpack everything and put it all back together. This is again where the help of a professional couch moving service will come in handy. Having a contract ensures that everything goes according to the plan and ensures that movers do not skip steps or mess things up. The contract also gives you time to rest assured that your belongings are safe and sound while the movers make the move.

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The last step is to load up the furniture dolly and use it to move your couch all the way around the house. Make sure that everyone follows the same procedure as when putting furniture back together so that there are no mishaps. Then, it’s time to sit back and relax while your sofa is slowly but surely transported to its new destination. Once the move is complete, you can feel secure that your furniture is in good hands and will not be damaged in any way during the move. With couch moving services in mind, your next move should be an easy one.